Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enough With The Jeremy Lin-Tim Tebow Comparison

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I don't care how badly the media wants to make comparisons, Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin can't be compared.

No matter how much analyst try to hype up the Lin-Tebow comparisons, the two will never be comparable. For obvious reasons, and for not so obvious reasons, the Knicks point guard and the Broncos quarterback are far from alike.

Tebow had a Hall of Fame collegiate career, becoming the first ever sophomore to win the Heisman trophy. He also won two BCS National Championships with the Florida Gators. Lin on the other hand, played his college ball at Harvard, and didn't even lead them to a conference championship. Tebow was called the best college football player of the decade, while experts were unsure if Lin was even the best player on his team.

People already knew about Tim Tebow while he was only a quarterback in high school. Lin was just discovered by the world this past month. Tebow had the choice to play college football wherever he wanted, while Lin's only choice left was Harvard.

Leading up to their respective drafts, Tebow was projected as a late first-round, second-round pick. Experts thought he would be a specialized quarterback, who at first would only play in wildcat scenarios. Surely enough, the Broncos took him with the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Unlike Tebow, Lin wasn't projected to get picked at all. After being passed up by all 30 teams in the NBA, Lin signed a contact after the draft with the Golden State Warriors.

Yes, the two do have a few things in common including their uniqueness, their media attention, and their ability to win, but they do it in totally different styles.

Tebow won almost all of his games this season in crunch time, after trailing for the majority of the game. He never won easily, never won pretty, but somehow managed a way to win. The way Tebow played the quarterback position was different from anyone else in league history. How could a quarterback complete three passes and win a football game?

Lin has rallied the Knicks back into the top eight in the conference, but in a different way than Tebow. Before their loss to the Hornets last night, only two of the seven wins were decided by five points or fewer. Also, instead of having his own playing technique, Lin has styled his play from legends like Steve Nash and even Magic Johnson. Tebow only showed up in the fourth quarter, while Lin has been strong in all four quarters.

From a statistical comparison, Lin's stats are much more impressive than Tebow's stats. Lin tied records that were previously held by LeBron James, while Tebow broke no records.

They are also unique for different reasons. Tebow gets a lot of attention for being a very religious person, while Lin gets attention for being the first Asian-American player in the league. Also, many sports fans were against Tim Tebow's success, while everyone is loving Jeremy Lin's success.

The two athletes might be media sensations, but they are completely different. Just because two players unexpectedly win games for falling teams doesn't mean they are comparable. We already know that 20 years from now, Tebow's name will still be remembered, but who knows five years from now if anyone remembers Jeremy Lin.

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