Tuesday, September 28, 2010

College Football Week 4

This week of college football was the last games for most teams while others already started to play conference matches

Every team in the Top 25 won besides 10. Arkansas who played 1. Alabama, 24. Oregon State, who played 3. Boise State, 12. South Carolina who was upset by 17. Auburn, and finally 22. West Virginia who lost to 15. LSU

Top 3 Performances by Team or Player:
1. Florida QB Trey Burton- Trey, a duel threat Quarter Back rushed for 6 touchdowns and then caught one from other QB John Brantley for a total of 6 on the day. This beat arguably the best college football player also from Florida, Tim Tebow's record.
2. Wisconsin RB James White- White, a freshman rushed for 4 Touchdowns and 145 Yards
3. Boise State Broncos- The Broncos proved to America again that they can keep up with the big boys. The Broncos just knocked off another ranked team, Oregon State. The Broncos showed great offense lead by Heisman Hopeful, Kellen Moore, and i think they could be playing in the National Championship game if Ohio State or Alabama falls.
Top 3 Disappointments by Team or Player
1. Michigan QB Denard Robinson- Robinson who shocked the country for the first 3 weeks of the season did lead michigan to a victory but hurt himself in doing so. This is not a disappointment because of his performance but because of his injury which might hurt his Heisman chances, playing in saturdays game, and for his team the Wolverines
2 South Carolina Gamecocks- Steve Spurrier's team looked like they could give the SEC a shake up but then showed they were just pretenders after their loss to 17. Auburn
3.Notre Dame Fighting Irish- Brian Kelly's first season with the Irish has been miserable after losing 3 games to teams like Stanford and Michigan. Sure they can beat the bad teams but its whether or not they can beat the ranked teams that matters especially because they are independent.

Game of the Week
1. Alabama vs 10. Arkansas:
In this game it was reigning Heisman Mark Ingram vs Heisman Hopeful Ryan Mallet. Ingram and Co. did get the better of Arkansas this game beating them in the finals minutes. Arkansas was up the majority of the game but the Tide rolled on to make a huge comeback in the 2nd half do to a bad game by Mallet. Mallet only threw 1 TD but had 3INT 2 coming in the 4th quarter on bad decisions. In the end Alabama survives another test on the road to Glendale for the BCS championship game

5. Things to look forward to this week

1. 1. Alabama vs 7. Florida
2. 4. Oregon vs 9. Stanford
3. 11. Wisconsin vs 24. Michigan State
4. 8. Oklahoma vs 21 Texas
5. 17 Iowa vs 22. Penn State

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 3 Picks for Josh Reichman

Giants vs Titans: 24-20 Giants
49'ers vs Chiefs: 21-10 49'ers
Lions vs Vikings: 31-14 Vikings
Bills vs Patriots: 24-7 Patriots
Falcons vs Saints: 24-21 Saints
Steelers vs Bucs: 17-14 Steelers
Bengals vs Panthers: 24-16 Bengals
Browns vs Ravens: 27-13 Ravens
Cowboys vs Texans: 30-28 Texans
Rams vs Redskins: 21-14 Redskins
Jaguars vs Eagles: 28-14 Eagles
Colts vs Broncos: 21-17 Colts
Cardinals vs Raiders: 21-17 Raiders
Chargers vs Seahawks: 31-13 Chargers
Dolphins vs Jets: 21-10 Jets
Bears vs Packers: 24-21 Bears

Carmelo in Jersey?

Can this NBA offseason get even more crazy?

Answer is yes it can. Carmelo Anthony, who has been the Nuggets franchise player since 2003 wants out of Denver and his wish may get granted very soon. 4 teams are having very serious talks circling around Carmelo Anthony. The 4 teams involved are Nuggets, Nets (the team trying to get Anthony), the Bobcats and the Jazz. As of Now the Nets would get Carmelo, the Nuggets will recive the Nets 1st round pick 19 Year Old PF Derrick Favors out of Georgia Tech and NBA veteran Andrei Kirilenko and future first round draft picks. The Bobcats will get the Nets Point Guard, Devin Harris and the Jazz would get Charlottes big man, Boris Diaw.

This whole conversation broke out after Carmelo's first two teams of interest the Knicks and Bulls lacked the pieces to the puzzle needed by Denver.  Bulls were not giving up Joakim Noah who the Nuggets really wanted. And for the Knicks they really have no talent other then Anthony Randolph and Amar'e Stoudemire. The Nuggets did offer Carmelo a 3 year $65 million contract but he has yet to respond to it.

Wherever Anthony stays it will still get a lot of publicity like the rest of this summer but lets see if the actual season can live up to its offseason

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL Week 2 Recap

Cardinals-7 Falcons-41
Cardinals Player of Week:Tim HIghtower- 11 Carries 115 Yards 1 TD
Falcons Player of Week: Jason Snelling-24 Carries 129 Yards 2 Rush TD 1 Pass TD
In this game the Falcons simply took advantage of the Cardinals bad defense and the fact that Arizona has an awful offense since losing Kurt Warner

Bengals-15 Ravens-10
Bengals Player of Week: Mike Nugent- 5/5 Field goals Had all team points, Long 46
Ravens Player of Week: Ray Lewis- 10 tackles 1 Sack 1 Tackle for loss
Both teams known for their stellar defense really lived up to their titles in this defensive oriented game

Chiefs- 16 Browns-14
Chiefs Player of Week: Brandon Flowers- 3 Tackles 1 Int 1 TD
Browns Player of Week:Josh Cribbs- 3 Receptions 74 Yards 1 TD
The Chiefs are out to a 2-0 victory over the mediocre Browns. Are they a contender or pretender?

Bears- 27 Cowboys-20
Bears Player of Week:Jay Cutler- 21 Completions 277 Yards 3 TD
Cowboys Player of Week: Miles Austin- 10 Receptions 142 Yards
Jay Cutler lead the Bears to 3 Offensive Touchdowns in a away victory making the Cowboys 0-2

Eagles- 35 Lions-32
Eagles Player of Week:Michael Vick- 21 Completions 284 Yards 2 TD
Lions Player of Week: Jahvid Best- 78 Rush Yards 154 Receiving Yards 3Total TD
Michael Vick leads the Eagles to Victory and wins the starting role but Jahvid Best shows signs of 2010 Rookie of Year with a huge effort in the game

Packers-34 Bills-7
Packers Player of Week: Aaron Rodgers- 19 completions 255 Yards 2 TD
Bills Player of Week: CJ Spiller- 174 Return Yards 23 Reception Yards
The Packers just ran the Bills off the field in another Aaron Rodgers MVP game

Steelers-19 Titans-11
Steelers Player of Week: James Harrison-11 Tackles 2 Sacks 1 INT
Titans Player of Week: Jason Babin- 8 Tackles 1 Sack
The Steelers continue to win without Big Ben with a big Defensive out coming

Dolphins 14- Vikings-10
Dolphins Player of Week: Jason Allen- 11 Tackles 2 INT
Vikings Player of Week: E.J. Henderson- 7 Tackles 1 Fumble Recovery
This time a different Allen (Jason) leads his team, the Dolphins to a victory making them 2-0 and the Vikings 0-2; who would have predicted that going into week 3?

Bucs-20 Panthers-7
Bucs Player of Week: Josh Freeman- 12 Completions 178 Yards 2 TD
Panthers Player of Week: Steve Smith- 3 Receptions 66 Yards 1 TD
The Bucs surprisingly beat the struggling Panthers as the Jimmy Clausen era begins in Carolina

Broncos-31 Seahawks-14
Broncos Player of Week: Kyle Orton- 25 Completions 307 Yards 2 TD
Seahawks Player of Week:Earl Thomas- 8 Tackles
The Broncos offense really shows they can score and dominate a game although it was against the Seahawks

Raiders-16 Rams-14
Raiders Player of Week: Darren McFadden- 30 Carries 145 Yards
Rams Player of Week: Mark Clayton- 2 Receptions 24 Yards 2 TD
Darren McFadden shows that he is living up to his draft pick with two huge games to start off the season

Jets- 28 Patriots- 14
Jets Player of Week: Mark Sanchez- 21 Completions 220 Yards 3 TD
Patriots Player of Week: Tom Brady- 2 Completions 246 Yards 2 TD
The Jets played television series worthy In a victory over division rival Pats

Chargers- 38 Jaguars-13
Chargers Players of Week: Phillip Rivers-22 Completions 334 Yards 3 TD
Jaguars Player of Week: Mike Sims-Walker- 10 Receptions 105 Yards 1 TD
The Charger bounce-back from an embarrassing loss as the Rivers to Gate Connection shines

Texans-30 Redskins- 27 (OT)
Texans Player of Week: Matt Schaub- 38 Completions 497 Yards 3 TD
Redskins Player of Week: Donavon McNabb 28 Completions 426 Yards 1 TD
Matt Schaub puts every fan and player at Fedex Field in shock after passing for half a thousand Yards

Colts-38 Giants 14
Colts Player of Week: Peyton Manning- 20 Completions 255 Yards 3 TD
Giants Player of Week: Mario Manningham-4 Receptions 75 Yards 1 TD
In Manning Bowl II, Peyton beats on little brother Eli to even up the series 1-1

Saints-25 49'ers-22
Saints Player of Week: Drew Brees- 28 Completions 254 Yards 2 TD
49'ers Player of Week: Frank Gore 20 Carries 112 Yards 1 TD
The Saints beat the 49'ers to spoil Jerry Rice's number being retired on Monday Night

Milestone for Ichiro

Today,Seattle Mariner Right Fielder Ichiro Suzuki has accomplished something that no one else who has ever played baseball has done. Ichiro has consecutively had 200 base hits in 10 straight seasons. Lets do the math here: since Ichiro is the leadoff hitter that means on average he gets 4 to 5 at bats per game. If a team plays 162 games a year that means he is getting more than 1 hit every game this season. That is another reason why Ichiro has a great career batting average because he always finds a way to get on base. Ichiro is not known for his power hitting but more for his speed and agility which helps him beat out routine ground balls and make it safely on bunts. Ichiro has led the major leagues in hits the last 4 years straight and has led the MLB 6 times in his whole career. Ichiro's life time stats are a .331 batting average and 2,228 base hits.He has 328 stolen bases and has scored 1040 runs. in his first year in the MLB 2001, he won the AL MVP and the Rookie of the year award, being the only person in the MLB to do that besides Frank Lynn in 1975 with the Red Sox. Although the Mariners are slumping Ichiro is one of the greatest players in the game today because of his speed, consistency, and fielding. Congrats Ichiro!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

College Football Week 3

This week in college football had many shocks and surprises:

Out of the Top 25 teams, every single team won except, 23. Houston and 9. Iowa.

Top 3 Teams or Players that surprised me this week:

1. Ryan Mallet-Former Michigan QB, this guy is a serious heisman contender after passing for 380 Yards 3 Tds and no turnovers
2. Arizona- the 24 ranked wildcats upset one of the best teams in the Big 10 and in the country in 100 degree weather
3. Denard Robinson- Coincidence or no, he is in my top 3 every week? Answer is no. this week he lead Michigan to another close victory over UMass, Passing for 240 Yards and 2 TDs, and Running for over 100 yards with another TD

Top 3 Teams or Players that disappointed me this week:

1. Iowa- After stating over and over that they have the best Defense in the country they give up 34 points to Arizona, Really?
2. Virginia Tech- Cool you beat ECU by 22, but it was closer then that for most of the game, Coming into the season ranked 11 losing 2 games in a row, This team is not a very good team starting with the offense
3. Florida Gators- struggling to replace Tebow
Game of the Week:Notre Dame vs Michigan State
These teams were battling back in forth during regulation and the game went into over time 21-21, After Notre Dame kicks a field goal, Michigan State lines up for a field goal but fakes it for a Touchdown to win the game, Arguably the best play of the season in all of College Football

What to look forward to Week 4:

1. Alabama vs Arkansas- Can Ryan Mallet continue to dominant and lead the Razorbacks to a victory over the top ranked team in the country?
2. Boise State vs Oregon State- Can Boise State win their second and only test in their schedule or will Oregon State win and make up for their loss vs TCU?
3. Orgeon vs Arizona State- After the Sun Devils showed they could play when they faced off Wisconsin on Saturday, the Ducks might be in for a challenge for their first real game of the season.
4. South Carolina vs Auburn- Can Steve Spurrier team back him up and seriously be a top SEC contender this year?
5. LSU vs West Virginia-Neither of these taems have been looking good so far but a victory over the other can give them some momentum

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2 picks For Josh

Cardinals vs Falcons:21-17 Falcons
Ravens vs Bengals: 14-10 Ravens
Chiefs vs Brown: 24-9 Chiefs
Bears vs Cowboys: 21-14 Cowboys
Eagles vs Lions: 21-13 Eagles
Bills vs Packers: 28-6 Packers
Steelers vs Titans:20-17 Titans
Dolphins vs Vikings:17-10 Vikings
Panthers vs Bucs: 20-3 Panthers
Seahawks vs Broncos: 17-10 Broncos
Rams vs Raiders: 14-13 Raiders
Jets vs Patriots:21-10 Patriots
Jaguars vs Chargers: 27-14 Chargers
Texans vs Redskins: 21-7 Texans
Giants vs Colts: 28-27 Colts
Saints vs 49'ers 35-17 Saints

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bush Returns Heisman

2005 Hesiman Trophy Winner, Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, has returned his Heisman award do to the NCAA heavy sanctions on him. Out of the 75 Heisman Awards given out ever Bush was the first one to give his back. The reason it was being investigated by the NCAA because two agents were illegally giving Bush over thousands of dollars of gifts at his time at USC. This is not allowed by the NCAA because college athletes can not make money or have a salary and it is illegal to receive any gifts or money. Southern California was also punished by the NCAA by losing 30 recruits and forfeiting some victories while Bush was the Running Back at USC. Some victories included a BCS National Championship win over Oklahoma. Pete Carroll at the time probably knew something was going on so he quickly got out of California and joined the Seattle Seahawks team as the Head Coach. Bush is upset that he had to give up the prestigious award but he felt it was right and tweeted that he hopes to win different awards during his time in New Orleans.

Vamos A La Playa!

The #1 Tennis player in the world, Rafael Nadal, has just accomplished a feat that not many tennis players have ever done in winning a Career Grand Slam. A Grand Slam is when a tennis player wins the US Open, Wimbledon,French Open, and the Australia Open. Nadal won the Australian in 2009, Wimbledon in 2008 and this year in June, 2010, and has won the French Open 5 times in 2005,2006,2007,2008,2010 and just Won his first US Open Sunday vs Serbian Novak Djokovic.

Nadal has won the last 3 Grand Slam Tournaments in the World. Rafa's rode to the US Open final was very easy.1st Round he played Teymuraz Gabashvil and Won 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-4), 6-3. In the 2nd Round he faced Denis Istomin and defeated him 6-2, 7-6 (7-5), 7-5. In the 3rd Round he faced 3rd Gilles Simon and Won that match 6-4, 6-4, 6-2. In the 4th round Nadal faced Feliciano Lopez and beat him too 6-3, 6-4, 6-4. IN the Quarterfinals Nadal defeated fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco 7-5, 6-3, 6-4. Then before the finals he beat Mikhail Youzhny in the Semi's 6-2, 6-3, 6-4. As you can see going into the Finals Nadal did not drop 1 set in the whole entire Tournament.

After Defeating 5 time US Open Winner, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic faced off vs Rafael Nadal on a cold rainy Sunday Night. Rafael won the first set 6-4, Breaking Novak's serve in a crucial game to give him the set advantage. Then in the next set it was 4-4 when the match got delayed for a little bit do to the weather conditions. Once play resumed Nadal lost his first set of the Tournament 5-7. Then from that point on Nadal was unstoppable and won the next to Sets 6-4, 6-2, and went on to win the match 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2.

Nadal who is 5 years yonnger then Federer currently has 9 Grand Slam Tournaments wins. Federer has 16 Grand Slam tournaments victories and is tied with US Tennis Legend Pete Sampras. Although Federer's skill or ability to win tournaments has worn off in the past year dropping his ranking to #3. Considering Nadal does have 5 more years to play then Federer he may pass Federer in Grand Slam Titles, and could be arguably the best Male Tennis Player EVER.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MLB Postseason soon

With the MLB season winding down to the final games of the 162 games this season there are still many questions are still to be solved. The American League teams are an almost automatic bid to the 2010 Playoffs like the Yankees,Rays,Rangers,and Twins. On the other hand, the NL is pretty much chaos. Not one team is safe:

National League:

EAST:The Phillies lead the Braves by only .5 games; very close with the Braves having a series with the Nats to come while the Phillies play the Marlins
CENTRAL: The Reds have probably been the surprise team of the league with a very comfortable 6.5 game lead over the Cards; The Cards have a series coming up with the Cubs while the Reds start a series with the Diamondbacks
WEST: Probably the most chaotic division with a tie between the early start Padres and the catching up Giants, not far being are the Rockies who are only 1.5 games back;The Rockies play the Padres in an upcoming series next while the Giants host the Dodgers

WILDCARD: If the season ended TODAY, the Braves would be the wildcard winners with a 1.5 lead over the Padres and Giants. The thing is that one of those two teams could win their division and get an automatic bid to October. The Rockies who are fighting with the Padres and Giants are 3 games back and the Cardinals are 7.5 games back with the best chance at catching the Reds for the Division. Remember also the Phillies could be in the Wildcard being only .5 games ahead of the leading Braves

Top AL Players

AL MVP: Batting Leader: Josh Hamilton .361 BA
Home Run Leader: Jose Bautista 46 HR
RBI Leader: Miguel Cabrera 116 RBI's
Runs Leader: Mark Texiera 104 Runs
Predicted MVP:Miguel Cabrera

AL Cy Young: Wins: CC Sabathia 19
ERA: Felix Hernandez 2.39
Innings Pitched: Felix Hernandez 225.2
Strikeouts:Felix Hernandez 214
Predicted Cy Young: CC Sabathia
Top NL Players:

NL MVP: Batting Leader: Carlos Gonzalez .337
Home Run Leader: Albert Pujols 37
RBI Leader: Tie: Joey Votto and Albert Pujols 102
Runs Leader:Albert Pujols 98
Predicted MVP: Albert Pujols

NL Cy Young: Wins: Tie: Roy Halladay, Ubaldo Jimenez, Adam Wainwright
ERA: Josh Johnson 2.30
Innings Pitched: Roy Halladay 228.2
Strikouts:Tim Lincecum
Predicted Cy Young: Roy Halladay

Exciting Weekend In College football

This weekend was filled with great non-conference games. During these games there were many players that continued to have a great start to season. Also many teams showed they could be true contenders while others showed if they should be even ranked in the top 25.

Teams in the top 25 that played each other:

1. Alabama vs 18. Penn State: 24-3; Alabama really showed that they have a great chance at making it to another BCS championship game and beat 18th ranked Penn State by 3 touchdowns without reigning Heisman Trophy Winner, Mark Ingram.

2. Ohio State vs 12 Miami: 36-24; Terrelle Pryor had another Heisman hopeful game when he rushed for 100+ and passed for over 200. On the other hand, Jacory Harris really let down the U after throwing 4 interceptions. Cameron Heyward of Ohio State had another great game with an interception and showed that he could be the best Defensive Lineman in the country.

10. Oklahoma vs 17 Florida State:47-17; Oklahoma really showed they could have a great season without Sam Bradford when they ran Florida State off the field. DeMarco Murray had another exciting game when he rushed for 2 TDs. Senior leader Christian Ponder did not play that well, throwing 2 Interceptions with no TDs.

22. Georgia vs 24. South Carolina: 6-17; Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks really showed they could be a new team in the SEC this season with an upset over Georgia. QB Stephen Garcia led them with no turnovers in the air while Marcus Lattimore ran for over 150 yards

Other top Teams that Won:
4.TCU, 5.TEX, 6.NEB, 7.ORE, 8.FLO, 9.IOWA, 11.WIS, 14.ARK, 16.USC, 19.LSU, 20.UTAH, 21.AUB, 23.WVU, 26.STAN

Teams and Players that Continued to Surprise Me
1.Denard Robinson: this guy is unbelievable, he Runs, Passes, Returns, and even Punted against Notre Dame in a 28-24 Win
2.Alabama and Ohio State: These top two teams continued to prove that they should be playing in the BCS game in January with big wins over ranked teams
3.TCU &Boise State: Although Boise had a bye this week they defeated 11. Virginia Tech on a big hyped up Monday Night Game at Fedex Field.TCU defeated Oregon State who is a very good team led by the James brothers JaQuizz and James and TCU QB Andy Dalton showed that he can lead this team far this season

Teams and Players that Disappointed Me:
1. Virginia Tech, Ryan Williams, Tyrod Taylor: This team lost to Boise State, but that was expected but then this week they really showed that they were overrated when they lost to FCS team James Madison 21-16. Taylor and Williams lacked to pass and run like the top players they are in their positions.
2.Florida and John Brantley: Even though they are 2-0 their wins havent been that good losing in each of them early. Their is nobody like Tim Tebow and there wont be any time soon but still, Florida is known for their football and they have not been looking very sharp
3.Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech, who made it to the Orange Bowl last year, lost to Kansas who lost the week before to a FCS team. Josh Nesbitt, QB of Georgia should be leading this team to 20+ point victories but instead lost by 3 to Kansas. Nesbitt only created 33% of his passes which shows they did not have a lot of movement on Offense

Looking forward to Week 3:
1. Denard Robinson continue to run without shoelaces and lead Michigan to another win
2. Arkansas vs Georgia
3. Virginia Tech vs East Carolina: Can Virginia lose another game to East Carolina, a team known for their upsets over top teams

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 1 Predictions for Josh

Saints vs Vikings: 14-9 Saints
Giants vs Panthers: 21-17 Giants
Dolphins vs Bills: 24-13 Dolphins
Lions vs Bears: 27-24: Bears
Titans vs Raiders: 21-10 Titans
Patriots vs Bengals: 24-17 Bengals
Falcons vs Steelers: 28-13 Falcons
Browns vs Bucs: 14-6 Browns
Broncos vs Jaguars: 21-7 Broncos
Colts vs Texans: 35-27 Texans
Cardinals vs Rams: 20-14 Cardinals
Packers vs Eagles: 28-14 Packers
49'ers vs Seahawks: 17-6 49'ers
Cowboys vs Redskins: 27:13 Cowboys
Jets vs Ravens: 17-10 Jets
Chargers vs Chiefs: 28-21 Chargers