Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exciting Weekend In College football

This weekend was filled with great non-conference games. During these games there were many players that continued to have a great start to season. Also many teams showed they could be true contenders while others showed if they should be even ranked in the top 25.

Teams in the top 25 that played each other:

1. Alabama vs 18. Penn State: 24-3; Alabama really showed that they have a great chance at making it to another BCS championship game and beat 18th ranked Penn State by 3 touchdowns without reigning Heisman Trophy Winner, Mark Ingram.

2. Ohio State vs 12 Miami: 36-24; Terrelle Pryor had another Heisman hopeful game when he rushed for 100+ and passed for over 200. On the other hand, Jacory Harris really let down the U after throwing 4 interceptions. Cameron Heyward of Ohio State had another great game with an interception and showed that he could be the best Defensive Lineman in the country.

10. Oklahoma vs 17 Florida State:47-17; Oklahoma really showed they could have a great season without Sam Bradford when they ran Florida State off the field. DeMarco Murray had another exciting game when he rushed for 2 TDs. Senior leader Christian Ponder did not play that well, throwing 2 Interceptions with no TDs.

22. Georgia vs 24. South Carolina: 6-17; Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks really showed they could be a new team in the SEC this season with an upset over Georgia. QB Stephen Garcia led them with no turnovers in the air while Marcus Lattimore ran for over 150 yards

Other top Teams that Won:
4.TCU, 5.TEX, 6.NEB, 7.ORE, 8.FLO, 9.IOWA, 11.WIS, 14.ARK, 16.USC, 19.LSU, 20.UTAH, 21.AUB, 23.WVU, 26.STAN

Teams and Players that Continued to Surprise Me
1.Denard Robinson: this guy is unbelievable, he Runs, Passes, Returns, and even Punted against Notre Dame in a 28-24 Win
2.Alabama and Ohio State: These top two teams continued to prove that they should be playing in the BCS game in January with big wins over ranked teams
3.TCU &Boise State: Although Boise had a bye this week they defeated 11. Virginia Tech on a big hyped up Monday Night Game at Fedex Field.TCU defeated Oregon State who is a very good team led by the James brothers JaQuizz and James and TCU QB Andy Dalton showed that he can lead this team far this season

Teams and Players that Disappointed Me:
1. Virginia Tech, Ryan Williams, Tyrod Taylor: This team lost to Boise State, but that was expected but then this week they really showed that they were overrated when they lost to FCS team James Madison 21-16. Taylor and Williams lacked to pass and run like the top players they are in their positions.
2.Florida and John Brantley: Even though they are 2-0 their wins havent been that good losing in each of them early. Their is nobody like Tim Tebow and there wont be any time soon but still, Florida is known for their football and they have not been looking very sharp
3.Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech, who made it to the Orange Bowl last year, lost to Kansas who lost the week before to a FCS team. Josh Nesbitt, QB of Georgia should be leading this team to 20+ point victories but instead lost by 3 to Kansas. Nesbitt only created 33% of his passes which shows they did not have a lot of movement on Offense

Looking forward to Week 3:
1. Denard Robinson continue to run without shoelaces and lead Michigan to another win
2. Arkansas vs Georgia
3. Virginia Tech vs East Carolina: Can Virginia lose another game to East Carolina, a team known for their upsets over top teams

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