Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milestone for Ichiro

Today,Seattle Mariner Right Fielder Ichiro Suzuki has accomplished something that no one else who has ever played baseball has done. Ichiro has consecutively had 200 base hits in 10 straight seasons. Lets do the math here: since Ichiro is the leadoff hitter that means on average he gets 4 to 5 at bats per game. If a team plays 162 games a year that means he is getting more than 1 hit every game this season. That is another reason why Ichiro has a great career batting average because he always finds a way to get on base. Ichiro is not known for his power hitting but more for his speed and agility which helps him beat out routine ground balls and make it safely on bunts. Ichiro has led the major leagues in hits the last 4 years straight and has led the MLB 6 times in his whole career. Ichiro's life time stats are a .331 batting average and 2,228 base hits.He has 328 stolen bases and has scored 1040 runs. in his first year in the MLB 2001, he won the AL MVP and the Rookie of the year award, being the only person in the MLB to do that besides Frank Lynn in 1975 with the Red Sox. Although the Mariners are slumping Ichiro is one of the greatest players in the game today because of his speed, consistency, and fielding. Congrats Ichiro!

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