Sunday, September 19, 2010

College Football Week 3

This week in college football had many shocks and surprises:

Out of the Top 25 teams, every single team won except, 23. Houston and 9. Iowa.

Top 3 Teams or Players that surprised me this week:

1. Ryan Mallet-Former Michigan QB, this guy is a serious heisman contender after passing for 380 Yards 3 Tds and no turnovers
2. Arizona- the 24 ranked wildcats upset one of the best teams in the Big 10 and in the country in 100 degree weather
3. Denard Robinson- Coincidence or no, he is in my top 3 every week? Answer is no. this week he lead Michigan to another close victory over UMass, Passing for 240 Yards and 2 TDs, and Running for over 100 yards with another TD

Top 3 Teams or Players that disappointed me this week:

1. Iowa- After stating over and over that they have the best Defense in the country they give up 34 points to Arizona, Really?
2. Virginia Tech- Cool you beat ECU by 22, but it was closer then that for most of the game, Coming into the season ranked 11 losing 2 games in a row, This team is not a very good team starting with the offense
3. Florida Gators- struggling to replace Tebow
Game of the Week:Notre Dame vs Michigan State
These teams were battling back in forth during regulation and the game went into over time 21-21, After Notre Dame kicks a field goal, Michigan State lines up for a field goal but fakes it for a Touchdown to win the game, Arguably the best play of the season in all of College Football

What to look forward to Week 4:

1. Alabama vs Arkansas- Can Ryan Mallet continue to dominant and lead the Razorbacks to a victory over the top ranked team in the country?
2. Boise State vs Oregon State- Can Boise State win their second and only test in their schedule or will Oregon State win and make up for their loss vs TCU?
3. Orgeon vs Arizona State- After the Sun Devils showed they could play when they faced off Wisconsin on Saturday, the Ducks might be in for a challenge for their first real game of the season.
4. South Carolina vs Auburn- Can Steve Spurrier team back him up and seriously be a top SEC contender this year?
5. LSU vs West Virginia-Neither of these taems have been looking good so far but a victory over the other can give them some momentum

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