Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top Ten Picks: Hits And Misses.

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Kuechly is a popular name on NFL team's draft lists. The linebacker out of
Boston College is the top linebacker prospect in the draft, and should fall in the top ten.

This post was written by Hall Of Fame Sports Blog featured columnist Jared Weiss.

Luke Kuechly: Is a top ten guy really a sleeper? Probably not. However, this is a guy that is simply incredible at the linebacker position. He broke many tackle records at Boston College, where he was dominant. He also has the ability to be a captain, as he was a great team leader for BC. To go along with this, he is a very good athlete. Not the strongest guy, but he is strong enough. He also has great speed and quickness to go along with his NFL-ready build. Expect him to go number nine to the Carolina Panthers, another talented guy to join into their rotation of talented, yet injury prone LBs.

Matt Kalil: Matt Kalil is the most talented player is this draft. However, right now it looks as if he might fall outside of the top five, which is ridiculous. This OT made Matt Barkley one of the most dominant QBs in all of CFB last year. He dominated every team he faced, allowing 0 sacks all season. He has an NFL ready physique. Noted for his excellent footwork, he also showcased his strength at the combine, finishing as one of the top guys in the bench press. He is the type of guy that any QB would love to have protecting their blindside. He will go fifth overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a great pick for a team in need of almost every position. He will be able to work with veteran Donald Penn to become a Pro Bowler in years to come.


Ryan Tannehill: Ryan Tannehill is a guy who has taken advantage of the belief that to get a great QB you need to pick one in the top ten. He is not someone who is ready to come in and lead a team. He was pretty good at Texas A&M, but there was not much dominance seen in his game. He was a WR in his earlier years, which could serve as an advantage in some ways (wildcat package?). However, he lacks the experience and the consistency to be able to lead an NFL team at this point. He has a lot of pro potential, but at this point he is not ready. He should go number 8 to Miami, with the potential to start right out of the gate. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem ready for the job.

Trent Richardson: Finding busts inside of the top ten is not the easiest thing in the world. This is a guy that I think has the potential to be a solid NFL RB for a decade. However, there are two big red flags with his game: his work ethic and his durability. Both were major problems when he was playing at Alabama. If he is going to be a guy that is getting 250+ carries a year, he needs to be able to keep his head in the game and he must stay healthy. If he doesn’t do this, his career could end pretty quickly. He also lacks the true explosive style of play to dominate in the NFL. He has solid strength and decent speed, but neither of those characteristics will be enough for him to dominate at the next level. Expect him to go number four to the Cleveland Browns, which has been the consensus pick.

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