Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL Week 2 Predictions

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Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will rebound after losing to the 49'ers at home last week.
The Bears should put up a good fight, but in the end the home team will get the win.

Bears vs. Packers: 34-29 Packers

This one was tough. The Bears are very tempting to pick after last week's performance, but in the end I don't see the Packers losing back-to-back games at Lambeau Field. The Packers faced arguably the best defense in the NFL last week, but this week they will be going up against a slightly above average defense. A top three quarterback in the NFL should be able to score against a top 15 defense in the league. I don't see the Bears struggling to score, but in the end, I think the Packers will win the shootout on their home turf.

Chiefs vs. Bills: 27-17 Chiefs

The smart move would be to take the Chiefs, especially after the way the Bills played last week vs. the Jets, but I'm going with my gut feeling on this pick. Before the season, everyone was saying that the Bills were for real this season and that they had a shot at making the playoffs. I think that they come out strong in their home opener, shut down the Chiefs' offense, and pull out a victory.

Giants vs. Bucs: 23-14 Giants

No chance the Giants start off their season 0-2. The Bucs might have looked impressive last week, but they are no match for the defending Super Bowl champs. Eli Manning reverts back to being the two-time Super Bowl MVP he is, and the Giants win this one to get back to .500.

Browns vs. Bengals: 23-10 Bengals

Any team in the league that goes up against the Browns has a great chance of beating them this season. With Brandon Weeden under center with no quality receivers to bail him out, its going to be a long season for Cleveland. The Bengals lost badly last week, but the game was close up until the pick-six. This time, the Bengals will take an early lead and be able to control the tempo of the game.

Vikings vs. Colts: 28-20 Vikings

If Adrian Peterson is as healthy as he appeared last week, the Vikings will easily win two or three more games than expected. The Colts are one of those teams that the Vikings need to take advantage of. Andrew Luck had a rough debut last week and the Vikings are about to make his rookie season a whole lot tougher.

Raiders vs. Dolphins: 23-13 Raiders

Two reasons why the Raiders will win this game:
1. Take away all the botched snaps last week vs. San Diego and the Raiders are 1-0.
2. Ryan Tannehill showed alarming signs in his NFL debut last week and the Raiders' defense will give him trouble again this week.

Cardinals vs. Patriots: 36-18 Patriots

The Patriots looked incredible in their opening game last week. They had a great balance between the run and pass games on offense, and also looked younger and quicker on defense. The Cardinals squeezed out a win last week vs. the Seahawks, but will face a much harder opponent this week. As always, Tom Brady >>>>>>>> Kevin Kolb.

Ravens vs. Eagles: 29-17 Ravens

These teams had polar opposite opening games. The Eagles struggled to barely defeat arguably the worst team in the NFL while the Ravens demolished on Monday Night Football and proved that they should be the Super Bowl favorites. Ravens are the more complete team, and therefore should get the win on Sunday.

Saints vs. Panthers: 32-30 Saints

Both teams are coming off tough Week 1 losses, but the Saints will bounce back with a win against the Panthers. In addition, both teams ran the ball poorly, so it will come down to Drew Brees out-slinging Cam Newton.

Texans vs. Jaguars: 31-13 Texans

The Jaguars played better than expected Week 1, but they are no match for the Texans. Blaine Gabbert is going to revert back to the way he played last season when he goes up against the Texans' defense. On the other end, Schaub, Foster, and Andre Johnson shouldn't have an issue finding the endzone this week.

Redskins vs. Rams: 29-12 Redskins

I hate to say it, but the Redskins looked impressive Week 1. If they could beat the Saints (and even torch their defense for 40 points), then they should have no issue beating the Rams this week.

Cowboys vs. Seahawks: 23-17 Seahawks

The Cowboys are coming off a very impressive win while the Seahawks are coming off of a weak loss. So why take the Seahawks? Well, not only have I not lost faith in Bill Simmons' Super Bowl prediction, but the Seahawks are a completely different team at home. When they have their "12th" man pissing off every Cowboys' player, it is a huge advantage. Seahawks in a close one.

Jets vs. Steelers: 29-20 Jets

Am I really jumping on the bandwagon this early? The Jets were extremely impressive in their Week 1 win over the Bill and I think that momentum carries them this week. The Steelers are coming off a rough loss to the  Broncos, and don't appear to be the same team they were in past years. They have no run game, a weak offensive line, and an old defense.

Titans vs. Chargers: 26-18 Chargers

I'm sticking with my AFC West champs in this Week 2 matchup. Ryan Mathews is probably out again, but Philip Rivers should be able to beat the Titans' secondary all day. Plus, if Chris Johnson rushes for another four yards, the Titans will be in for a long season.

Lions vs. Niners: 27-21 Niners

The Niners did the opposite of regressing in their Week 1 domination against the Packers. Now playing at home, the Niners should have no problem shutting down another elite offense. As long as Alex Smith plays as well as he did against the Packers, the 49'ers should win this game.

Broncos vs. Falcons: 35-31 Falcons

It's extremely tempting to take Peyton Manning and the Broncos, especially after their big win last week, but the Falcons are unstoppable when they play in their dome. Matt Ryan looked like an MVP last week, and will continue to have success this week with a big win against the Broncos.

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