Sunday, December 2, 2012

NFL Week 13 Predictions

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dez Bryant has played some amazing football these past few weeks.
Can he continue his hot-streak agains the ice cold Eagles?

Jaguars vs. Bills: 26-19 Bills

The Jaguars might have claimed Jason Babin, but the Pro-Bowl defensive end won't be enough to beat the Bills. Buffalo plays .500 ball at home and will take advantage of their weak opponents. Bills by a touchdown.

Seahawks vs. Bears: 22-15 Bears

The Seahawks are terrible away from home, so what makes you think they will beat one of the best teams in the league? The Bears are coming off an impressive win against the Vikings and will definitely try to continue their hot streak into next week. Jay Cutler will be playing again and even Matt Forte will suit up after leaving last game early with an injury.

Colts vs. Lions: 33-27 Lions

Despite their respective records, I think the Lions are the better football team. The Colts play an easy schedule and don't have two games each against the Packers, Bears, and Vikings. This game will be played in a dome, which benefits the Colts, but I still think that the Lions' offense will be too much for Indianapolis to handle.

Vikings vs. Packers: 35-13 Packers

You saw what happened last week when the Vikings played a topnotch team. Unfortunately for Minnesota, their schedule is extremely rough these last five weeks. The Packers are coming off of an ugly loss and will do anything it takes to take that off the mind of the media. Packers win big at home.

Texans vs. Titans: 30-20 Texans

The Texans should comfortably win this indivision game this week. If up big, expect the Texans to rest Arian Foster, who is right around the magical number of 270 carries (he is at 269). The Texans haven't lost on the road yet and you shouldn't expect their first loss to come against the Titans.

Panthers vs. Chiefs: 27-20 Panthers

What a controversial game. Just a day after Jovan Belcher committed murder-suicide, these two teams will be facing off against each other. Some think that the Chiefs will win it for Belcher, but I think that they will be too emotionally distressed to play this game. Plus to give some credit to Carolina, they played awesome on Monday night last week.

Niners vs. Rams: 28-20 Niners

Let the Kaepernick bandwagon continue to round up more members as the Niners come into town. The Rams should lose this game, but don't be surprised if they hang around for a little.

Patriots vs. Dolphins: 38-10 Patriots

Straight off a 49 point performance, expect the Patriots to be hot heading into this game. Not only are they clearly the better team, but New England also has momentum heading into this game. Honestly, if you think that Ryan Tannehill's team will beat Tom Brady's team, your crazy.

Cardinals vs. Jets: 26-17 Jets

Ah, the beauty of having an easy schedule. Whenever the Cardinals start Ryan Lindley, it's an automatic loss in my book. The guy is honestly atrocious I feel bad. The Jets got their butts kicked last game, but the long rest should have them suited for this one.

Bucs vs. Broncos: 28-27 Broncos

Don't get me wrong, the Buccaneers are a great team, but any time you go against Peyton Manning you're usually the underdog. This one has the potential to turn into a shootout since both teams have such strong offenses. It will be close, but Manning and the Broncos will hold onto their lead late in the game.

Browns vs. Raiders: 24-20 Browns

Wow, for the second week in a row I am siding with the Browns. Oakland will be without McFadden, leaving their offense at a huge disadvantage once again. Despite their extremely poor start, the Browns haven't been that bad lately. They've been decent enough to have me pick them two weeks in a row, so let's go with that.

Bengals vs. Chargers: 23-16 Bengals

The Bengals are on fire and there is no way the ice-cold Chargers are the team to cool them off. This one won't be as high-scoring as many may predict, but it will be relatively close. San Diego should be in the game until Philip Rivers starts to get into his Bomb The Second Half mode. That being said, Bengals by a touchdown.

Steelers vs. Ravens: 28-10 Ravens

Hmmmmm. The Steelers are coming off of an eight-turnover loss to the Browns while the Ravens are coming off a win against the Chargers. Who do I pick to win? Obviously the Ravens, who are undefeated at home. Not much else needs to be said about this game besides Charlie Batch.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: 28-15 Cowboys

Didn't these teams just play? Either way, I've got the same result. The Cowboys are the better of the two teams, if you even consider the Eagles a team anymore. Philadelphia is such a big mess, they haven't won a game more recently then the Phillies.

Giants vs. Redskins: 30-28 Giants

Oh how the Giants love the big stage. After a big win against the Packers last week, you can expect a similar result this week against the Redskins. Yes, RG3 is just as great under pressure, but his team isn't as good enough to stop the Giants. This one will probably be a barnburner but the Giants should come out on top.

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