Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deron Williams Traded To Nets In Recent Blockbuster

Breaking News: Deron Williams traded to Nets
After the Nets failed to deliver Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey, and soon to be Brooklyn, the Nets didn't quite give in yet, and just traded for a superstar almost as good as Carmelo. That superstar is Jazz point guard, Deron Williams.

At the moment right now, the current deal is Deron Williams, for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and draft picks. The Golden State Warriors could be involved sending more draft picks to Utah, but as of now this is the trade.

Williams is a very special player, being one of six point guards to average at least 17 points and nine assists in their first six seasons. Other players on that list are Chris Paul, Tim Hardaway, and Magic Johnson.

Williams was getting a lot of criticism in Utah the past week after the Jazz head coach, Jerry Sloan resigned. Many Jazz fans were upset at the sudden resignation because Sloan is the longest tenured coach in the NBA and in all of the four major American sports leagues. Rumors are that Sloan retired after a feud with Williams, where Williams said at halftime, either I'm going or you are. Looks like they are both out of Utah now.

Williams is having his best season yet, with Al Jefferson replacing Carlos Boozer as the big man in Utah. Williams is averaging 21 points and almost 10 assists per game.

In comparison to Carmelo Anthony, the Nets really did not miss out on much. Anthony leads Williams in points and rebounds with 25.2 and 7.6 compared to Williams' 21.3 and 3.9. Williams leads Anthony in assists, steals, and field goal % with 9.7, 1.2, and .458 compared to Anthony's 2.8, .6, and .452.

With Brook Lopez at center, Deron Williams will have another big man to work with. As for this season, the Nets will not be making the playoffs, but since Williams has to stay under contract for at least another season, next year the Nets might be back in the playoffs.

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