Sunday, February 27, 2011

NBA Trade Deadline Moves

Gerald Wallace will help make the Blazers serious contenders in the West.

Did your team make a last minute move in this week's past trade deadline? Check out below to view the following trades, and how they impacted the teams that were involved.

The first major trade was between the Thunder and the Celtics.

The Thunder shipped Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic to the Celtics for Nate Robinson and Kenrick Perkins. At first i thought this was a great trade for the Celtics, but then i realized that in the long run, the Thunder benefit more from this trade.

 Jeff Green was making a name for himself despite playing along Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Playing the power forward position on an undersized Thunder Team, Green was able to guard some of the best forwards in the league, but on the offensive end was averaging 15 points and six rebounds per game.

The reason why at first i thought the Celtics got the better end of the trade was simply because of stats. I thought Jeff Green was better then Kendrick Perkins, but then i did some research. Perkins not only was a fan favorite, but was a great teammate to the Celtics. Although his stats (seven points and eight rebounds) did not look so well matched up against Green's, it was the unwritten stats that stood out. Perkins was Dwight Howard's kryptonite in the post season the last few seasons, and that is not all. Perkins would usually guard the best big man on any team and usually shut them down, helping the Celtics have one of the best defensives in the league. Also Nate Robinson as a great touch to this trade because although he wasn't getting the minutes in Boston, Nate will be able to spot up more for shooting with Westbrook running the point. Nate is a natural shooter, and is great at it. Can't tell yet whether this was a great trade or not, still a lot to unfold.

The next major trade was between the Cavaliers and the Clippers. The Cavaliers sent Mo Williams and Jamario Moon for Baron Davis and a 1st round pick. I felt terrible for Baron Davis, that he would have to play on such a crappy team, but also i was happy that Mo Williams got out of Cleveland.

With the most rising talent in the NBA, the Clippers were just lacking a young point guard, and they found that in Williams. With Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Blake Griffin, and a healthy Chris Kaman, the Clippers form a very young and talented starting five that can win big in years to come.Williams also will be much more comfortable playing the role of the passer, with Gordon and Griffin. Since LeBron left, Williams had all the weight on his shoulders to lead the team, and was not able to handle it. Now with a supporting cast, Williams will be back to work.

Despite giving up Mo Williams, the Cavaliers also benefited from this draft. They got a nice veteran in Baron Davis to pick up where Williams left. Davis is a much more natural scorer and will help the Cavs win a few more games this season. In my opinion, the most important part of the deal was the first round pick. The Cavs have pretty much locked up the first overall pick in next year's draft, and with another top ten pick they can get two great young rookies. With Davis aging, and the rest of the team likely to be gone in a few years, the Cavs have a great way to rebuild. With the assumed first pick, the Cavs can draft a great guard in Kyrie Irving who can help run the new Cavs. Also with the projected seventh pick in the draft, the Cavs might take a look at big men John Henson or Enes Kantor, to complement Irving down low. In the end, both teams benefit from this trade.

The Charlotte Bobcats traded with the Portland Blazers, sending star Gerald Wallace to Portland for
Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks, Joel Przybilla, a 2011 first round pick, 2013 first round pick, and cash.

In my opinion the Blazers came out as huge winners of this trade. They got rid of a bunch of garbage and cap space, to make room for Gerald Wallace, one of the hardest working and underrated players in the league. Wallace will help the Blazers become one of the better teams in the West, having stars like Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, the injured Greg Oden, and Andre Miller. Also coming off the bench comes Nicholas Batum, Marcus Camby, and Wesley Matthews, all being great players.

The Bobcats did not get much in return, as Michael Jordan shows he is only good on the court. The Bobcats can likely kiss the playoffs goodbye this season, and do not have much talent looking into the future. Blazers are huge winners while Bobkitties are huge losers.

The rest of the trades were not as big as these three but still deserve mentioning.

The Hawks and the Wizards traded earlier in the week, where the Hawks sent Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, Maurice Evans, and a 2011 first round pick to D.C. for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong.

This trade is not very important to either team, and in my opinion was not good for either of the two.

The Wizards gave away a great shooting guard in Hinrich and just gained a point guard to back up the future of this franchise and the NBA, and a bunch of scrubs. At least they got the first round pick (late first round).

The Hawks also did not receive what they needed. They gained Hinrich who is a great shooter, but the Hawks are already a great shooting team. They have Marvin Williams, Joe Johnson, and other shooters to play the wing. Also the Hawks lost a great veteran point guard in Mike Bibby, who has shown he knows how to win. The Hawks might start Hinrich at the point, but he is not nearly as good as Bibby when it comes to being a real point guard. A loss for both teams.

The Rockets were busy during the deadline busting out two trades, with the Suns and the Grizzlies.

In the trade with the Suns, the Rockets essentially swapped backup point guards with the Suns. I think the Suns got the much better end of this trade. The Suns received Aaron Brooks while the Rockets got Goran Dragic and a first round pick (projected lottery).

Brooks will backup Nash, but looking into the future, Brooks will take over the job in a few years. He will be able to learn from one of the greatest guards ever, and was quoted saying, " I'll wait in line, (Nash) is a legend, MVP, and Hall of Famer". Later he was quoted saying "I'm ready to go behind him and learn from him".

As for the Rockets, they lost one of their great young stars in Brooks and got back an iffy young guard in Dragic. Dragic hasn't been able to shine backing up Nash, but after i watched the Suns game live vs the Hawks this past week, i saw glimpse of him shine with Nash out. Also a first round pick is always good for a team looking to rebuild. In the end, the Suns got a great deal, and the Rockets potentially can get a good deal.

The other Rockets trade involved the Grizzlies, where the Rockets sent Shane Battier and in exchange got DeMarre Carroll, Hasheem Thabeet, and a future first round pick. I think this was another idiotic move by the Grizzlies front office, and a great move for the Rockets.

The Rockets get Carroll, a young athletic player, Thabeet, and a first round pick, just for an old vet who wasn't doing much. Thabeet got off to a late start with the Grizzlies, but with a injured and aging Yao Ming, Thabeet might be able to redeem himself in Houston. Also a first round pick from the Grizzlies is always a good one.

The Grizzlies got Shane Battier, a veteran who was expected to do lots in the NBA but has not. The Grizzlies probably signed Battier to be a veteran leader on the team to help out with young stars like Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley Jr, O.J. Mayo, and Zach Randolph. Mayo, who is currently serving a suspension, was expected to leave Memphis after some faults, but ended up staying.

As for other trades, obviously the Knicks landed Carmelo, while the Nets landed Deron Williams. Also the Cavs landed Luke Harangody and Semih Erden from the Celtics for a 2013 second round pick. Danny Ainge, the Celtics GM was very busy, also send Marquis Daniels to the Kings for a 2017 second round pick and some cash. The Bobcats and Thunder did some minor switches, swapping D.J. White and Mo Pete, for Nazr Mohammed. The Kings got Marcus Thornton and cash from the Hornets for Carl Landry, and the Warriors got Troy Murphy and a 2012 second round pick for Brendan Wright and Dan Gadzuric. The last and final trade of the deadline was the Raptors getting James Johnson from the Bulls for a first round pick.

Many teams were involved in trades during this year's deadline. Did your team make a move or no, and if they did was it a good one?

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