Thursday, March 3, 2011

BYU Falls After Dismissal of Brandon Davies

BYU will miss Davies input to the team after dismssing Davies earlier in the week.

Along with Notre Dame and Georgetown, Brigham Young is a private college that is very religious. While Notre Dame and Georgetown are catholic, BYU's population is mostly mormon and is owned by The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These universities follow strict honor systems respecting their religious and ethical beliefs.

This season, the BYU Cougars have been one of the best college basketball teams in the nation, including a 27-3 record and a top ten ranking in the AP poll. Two of their best wins are against in conference rival, and also a top ten team, San Diego State. BYU is led by star Jimmer Fredette who leads the entire nation in scoring with 27 points per game.

BYU was on a roll, until the dismissal of forward, Brandon Davies. Davies was not a star on the team, but a great roll player who led the team in rebounding and was third in scoring.

Brandon Davies was dismissed from the basketball team, after rumors came out that he had premarital sex which is against the BYU honor code. Davies later admitted that the rumors were true, and was officially off the basketball team. Other rules of the honor code include no swearing, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and drinking coffee. Yes that is coffee and it is not a typo.

BYU had just come off their second win vs SDST, and after the rankings, they peaked at three in the entire country, and on ESPN's bracketology page were expected to be a number one seed.

Yesterday in the Cougars' first game since Davies was kicked off the team, BYU had it's worse performance of the year, when they lost at home against New Mexico. Despite Jimmer's 33 points, the rest of the team was not able to overcome a quick bad start to the game. New Mexico got off to a quick start and at the end of the half it was 42-26. BYU was really missing Davies down low to get rebounds not only on the defensive side of the ball, but on the offensive side of the ball when Jimmer misses shots. The final score was 82-64 New Mexico and it was  BYU's worst defeat in six years.

The Dismissal of Davies is a popular discussion topic in the sports world, and so is BYU's current stock as a top college basketball team.

Although Davies did break the honor code of BYU by having underage sex, should he really be kicked off a basketball team for it? BYU is definitely going to miss Davies, who was a huge underlying factor to the Cougars success this season.

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  1. also shouldnt have happen because this also went to jokes on him. should have made it secret. BYU Ruin this kid life or embrassed him