Monday, March 14, 2011

NFL Lockout: Will There Really Be No Football Next Year?

Goodell and Smith have gone head to head, and after two weeks have not made peace.
Will there be an NFL Season?

To start off, I am sorry i have not been able to write as much, but this is due to the extraordinary amount of work i have had in the past week, including a trip to one of America's finest universities, Cornell, where I competed in the annual CMUNC event.

Anyway, when I got back to the hotel Friday night I had one thing on my mind and that was to see what would happen to America's favorite sports league, the NFL. Rumor was that the NFL was entering a lockout, after negotiations between the players and the owners failed. As it turned out, this rumor ended up being true and ruined my weekend. I kept thinking how next year will be without no NFL (If the lockout stays). I wondered what would happen to the free agents, the rookies, veterans on the verge of retirement, Indianapolis not hosting the Super Bowl, my New York Giants, and Fantasy Football!

So you may be asking, what exactly does this "lockout" even mean? Can there still be an NFL season next year?

The answer to this is yes, but it is not likely.

According to multiple sources, the NFL is set to officially lockout April 6th. The last time the NFL was jeopardized like this was back in 1987.

In the 16 failed days of negations between the owners and the players union, many issues were brought up, that caused the lockout. The Owners wanted even more money then they already had, as well as an 18 game season, and the players wanted fair share of the eight billion dollar revenue. One thing both teams had in common was to lower the ridiculous rookie salaries which are by far the most crazy things in any sports draft. Not only are these NFL rookies getting payed just as much as some stars, but more than half of them are busts! The NFL Players union were lead by DeMaurice Smith and players Drew Brees and Jeff Saturday. Around 11 owners represented the Owners, including Jerry Jones.

So with this "lockout" official and to be put in place supposedly April 6th, there are three possible outcomes with this. The first is the lockout stays, the owners disconnect the players and no games are played this year. The next outcome would come early in the season and the players would play a shortened schedule probably around 10 games. The Final and best outcome is that the NFL picks up it's can some time before training camp, and all games are played as if there was no stinking lockout.

In order for options two and three to occur, the supreme judge must rule the owners unfair in a lawsuit that pretty much determines the NFL season. According to most of America, the owners are being very selfish and greedy in this case, and the players really look like they want to play football for the love of football. Maybe that isn't entirely true, but who does want an NFL Lockout and to not watch Football on CBS and Fox during Sunday days, and the NBC at night. Who doesn't want to watch Monday Night Football, and bight your nails at the same time because you know if your opponents player has a good game, you might lose your week. Who doesn't want to watch NFL Live, or NFL Countdown and listen to Boomer and the crew argue over games. Who doesn't want to here " C'mon Man". Who doesn't want to see the Jets once again talk big game only to fall short. Who doesn't want to see rookies turn into stars, and for vets to finally win their first rings. Who doesn't want an NFL season?

Have i made my point....

America NEEDS the NFL like a fat boy needs cake, maybe even a little more. Without the NFL, weekends are ruined as well as fantasy leagues, fun, and exciting games. Hopefully the owners can realize that they own these teams because they are ALREADY rich business tycoons, hopefully Roger Goodell realizes that he doesn't have to be evil, and we can have ourselves another great NFL season.

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