Thursday, June 16, 2011

Was The Miami Heat's Season A Success Or Failure?

( AP Photo/ Wilfredo Lee)
Is a trip to the NBA Finals really considered a fail?

Looking back on the Miami Heat 2010-2011 season, was it really a failure? If you look at it with a championship or bust point of view, then yes, obviously it was a failure, but by advancing to the NBA Finals in just their first year, was that a success?

The Miami Heat, compiled a 58-24 record this season finishing second in the Eastern Conference. They also took care of the Los Angeles Lakers both times the teams met up. Once they reached the playoffs, the Heat defeated the Philadelphia 76'ers, the Boston Celtics, and the best team in the regular season, the Chicago Bulls.

From those achievements right there, it sounds like the Miami Heat had a pretty good season. In just their first year playing together, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James were able to reach the NBA Finals, and in doing so, knock off the other two best teams in their conference.

The reason everyone is criticizing the Heat though, is because the huge expectations they put on themselves.

"Not two, not three, not four not five, not six, not seven".

Those were the words that came out of LeBron's mouth when the big three were welcomed at American Airlines Arena.

James would continue after an applaud by the crowd, "And when I say that, I really believe".

Although Miami's slogan was "Yes We Did", after signing the big three, their championship run's motto was "No We Didn't".

Even though the Miami Heat didn't win this season, it could just be a stepping stone for the future. The Heat were able to adjust to their style of play early in the season, and after having a bad start were one of the most dominant teams in the NBA.

Now knowing how they play together, the Heat can quite possibly win the title next year, in fact they are already the favorites to win again.

Many people are also criticizing LeBron James, for disappearing in the NBA Finals, especially in the fourth quarter.

Former Jets OT Damien Woody tweeted best, "If you ask @KingJames (LeBron James) for a dollar, he'll only give u 75 cents, he never gives you the fourth quarter #Ouch !!!".

Had LeBron just played well, not even great, the Miami Heat could have, and should have won the title. Yes, Dirk Nowitzki was incredible, but when you have three all-stars playing together against one, it shouldn't be fair.

In the first five games of the series, James had only 11 combined points in the fourth quarter.

With that being said, next season if LeBron plays like the player he is, the Heat should be able the NBA Finals. I don't know if they will win seven, but by the time it is said and done, LeBron will have a ring, whether you like it or not.

If you look at it with a championship or bust point of view, sure this season was a failure, but overall in the first season of play, the Miami Heat's season was a success.

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