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Where Should Terrelle Pryor Go?

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Both Tressel and Pryor will not be returning to OSU next season.

Just a few days after Jim Tressel's dismissal from The Ohio State University, Quarterback Terrelle Pryor has announced he will forgo his senior year.

Pryor already would have been suspended for the first five games of the season. Also it is very likely the Buckeyes will have similar punishments that the USC Trojan's were given, which means they will be banned for a few bowl games.

Pryor is currently in a messy situation, because like the other players on the team, he sold memorabilia for around $40,000. Pryor is said to have spent this money on tattoos and cars. The car he was driving also had a suspended license.

Coming into college football, Pryor was one of the highest ranked players in the country. He pushed back his signing day and when he made his decision, it was huge news in the college football world. Pryor would announce he would go on to play at Ohio State, despite getting scholarships from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, and Oregon.

Pryor would go on to have a solid career at Ohio State. He never led them to a National Championship game, and never placed in the top five for Heisman voting, but led them to three BCS bowl games.

Since Pryor has left Ohio State, many rumors are speculating where he could go.

An early rumor is that he would go to the CFL and sign with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Another rumor is that he would play in the UFL. Pryor has denied both rumors, and has said he plans to enter the NFL supplemental draft in July.

Also, we don't even know if Pryor will play Quarterback in the NFL. Sure he is dead-on accurate with his throws, and led the Buckeyes to three BCS bowl games, but he has the fit to play tight end. Pryor is 6'6 and weighs close to 235 lbs.

So where could Terrelle Pryor end up?

The Seattle Seahawks would be a great suitor for Pryor. With Matt Hasselbeck's seasons in Seattle limited, they should look to refresh their quarterback position and draft Pryor. Pryor would be a great fit for Seattle, not only because he can pass in the pocket, but because he can run too. Seattle spent it's first two picks on offensive linemen, so this pick makes sense.

The San Francisco 49'ers have had their name brought up in discussions related to Pryor. Personally, I don't think this is a good fit for Pryor. With Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick both fighting for quarterback, Pryor would just add more chaos to the team.

The New York Jets would be an interesting fit for Pryor. The Jets have already seen an college quarterback play a different position for them. Like Brad Smith, the Pryor could be used in the wildcat, and even go out for some passes. You never know what tricks Rex Ryan has up his sleeves.

Pryor could also land a starting job in Oakland. With Jamarcus Russell and Jason Campbell both failing over the past few years at quarterback, Pryor could extremely help the Raiders. The Raiders had a surprisingly good season last year (for Raiders' standards), and a good quarterback could just make the team better. The Raiders are also one of the fastest teams in the NFL, which is a great fit for speedy Pryor.

This one could be a stretch, but with Peyton Manning retiring in the next five years, the Colts might look to groom Pryor into the starting quarterback once Manning leaves. Manning definitely hasn't aged, but the guy has to retire sometime, and Pryor could help spark up this team.

Name the last time the Buffalo Bills had a franchise quarterback. The last time the Bills were for real were back in the days of Jim Kelly. Buffalo look like they are set on Ryan Fitzpatrick, but you never know with the Bills.

Every year, the Miami Dolphins come very close to making the playoffs, despite playing the AFC East. Chad Henne has raised serious eyebrows in the past few years, if he can carry this team. With a solid defense, a good offensive line, and some good role players, the Dolphins are just missing a good quarterback. The Dolphins are known for their wildcat option, so is Pryor a good fit there?

With Kurt Warner retiring, Matt Leinart failing, and myriad unexperienced quarterbacks playing this season, the Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback. Since the Cardinals didn't draft a quarterback in the draft this year, many sources were reporting that they were trying to trade for Kevin Kolb once the lockout ends. Pryor might be a good fit for Arizona though. He has the arm to hit Larry Fitzgerald deep, and would have the option to run too. With a wild wild NFC West, maybe just one big signing could get the Cardinals back into the Super Bowl Hunt.

We don't know if their will even be football next season, or if Pryor will even find a team, but if he finds a suitor will he have success in the NFL? Tell me your thoughts on where Pryor will go and if he will have success. You can email me at or comment below on this article, or my article over on

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