Friday, November 4, 2011

NFL Week 8 Recap

(AP Photo/Seth Perlman)
Steven Jackson and the Rams were able to shock the Saints last
Sunday and win their first game of the season.

This Week's Record: 9-4
Overall Record: 80-36

Colts vs. Titans: 27-10 Titans
Colts Player of the Week: Dallas Clark- 6 receptions, 73 yards
Titans Player of the Week: Nate Washington- 4 receptions, 34 receiving yards, 3 rush yards, 2 touchdowns

Despite Chris Johnson's worst game of the season, the Titans were able to defeat the winless Colts. Matt Hasselbeck redeemed himself after an embarrassing loss to the Texans, and threw for 224 yards and a touchdown.

Saints vs. Rams: 31-21 Rams
Saints Player of the Week: Lance Moore- 7 receptions, 74 receiving yards, touchdown
Rams Player of the Week: Steven Jackson- 159 rush yards, touchdown

I said this game would get out of hand early, except it would get out of hand in favor of the Saints. The winless Rams (going into week 8) shocked the Saints, who were fresh off a 62-7 win over the Colts. Even more surprising, is that the Rams won without quarterback Sam Bradford, how do you like that?

Vikings vs. Panthers: 24-21 Vikings
Vikings Player of the Week: Adrian Peterson- 86 rush yards, 76 receiving yards, 2 total touchdowns
Panthers Player of the Week: Cam Newton- 290 pass yards, 59 rush yards, 3 touchdowns

Just when the Panthers looked like they could win two games in a row, and even start a somewhat long winning streak with an easy schedule approaching, the Vikings came back to crush their hopes. Even worse, the Panthers could have sent this game to overtime but kicker Olindo Mare botched a game tying field-goal with barely any time remaining.

Cardinals vs. Ravens: 30-27 Ravens
Cardinals Player of the Week: Beanie Wells- 83 rush yards, touchdown
Ravens Player of the Week: Ray Rice- 63 rush yards, 36 receiving yards, 3 rush touchdowns

The Cardinals jumped out to a very impressive lead early in the game, as the Joe Flacco woes continued.  Flacco still didn't play great, but thanks to Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, and the famous Ravens defense, Baltimore was able to come out unscathed after this game.

Jagaurs vs. Texans: 24-14 Texans
Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones- Drew- 63 rush yards, touchdown
Texans Player of the Week: Arian Foster- 112 rush yards, touchdown

No Andre Johnson, no problem. The Texans have won their last two games, and will continue this streak when they face the Browns, Bucs, and Jaguars in their next three games. Andre Johnson can only help this team, who will finally make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Dolphins vs. Giants: 20-17
Dolphins Player of the Week: Reggie Bush- 103 rush yards
Giants Player of the Week:  Eli Manning- 349 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 106.6 passer rating

Good thing the Dolphins are "Sucking for Luck", because they easily could have won this game. Matt Moore surprisingly owned the Giants earlier in the game, with both his arm and his feet, but "suddenly"going into the fourth quarter with a seven-point lead he forgot how to play football again. Coincidence I think not.

Redskins vs. Bills: 23-0 Bills
Redskins Player of the Week: Fred Davis- 8 receptions, 94 receiving yards
Bills Player of the Week: Fred Jackson- 120 rush yards, 73 receiving yards

Remember when the Redskins were good and actually had a chance of making the playoffs? Remember when Rex Grossman was a starting quarterback in the NFL? The Redskins unsurprisingly have transformed into one of the worst teams in the league over the last five weeks, while the Bills have surprisingly become one of the top teams in the league.

Lions vs. Broncos: 45-10 Lions
Lions Player of the Week: Matt Stafford- 267 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 130.8 passer rating
Broncos Player of the Week: Eric Decker- 6 receptions, 72 receiving yards, touchdown

I guess God forgot to watch this one, as Tim Tebow and the Broncos got crushed by the Lions. Highlight of the game though, was when Tim Tebow was sacked by Stephen Tulloch, who proceeded to "Tebow" in front of Tebow's face.

Patriots vs. Steelers: 25-17 Steelers
Patriots Player of the Week: Rob Gronkowski- 7 receptions, 94 receiving yards
Steelers Player of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger- 365 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, interception, 97.5 passer rating

The Steelers proved that they are the best team in the AFC after they defeated the Patriots in Pittsburgh. Big Ben had another impressive game throwing for 300+ and a pair of touchdowns. It's funny to say that this Steelers team was the same team that was called "old" and "slow" after a week one beating against the Ravens.

Browns vs. Niners: 20-10 Niners
Browns Player of the Week: Josh Cribbs- 2 receptions, 56 receiving yards, touchdown
Niners Player of the Week: Frank Gore- 134 rush yards, touchdown

The 49'ers are now 6-1 after defeating the Browns without Peyton Hillis. The Niners would have a bye going into the playoffs if the season ended today. Their defense is one of the best in the league, and with Frank Gore completely healthy, he is a top five running back in the league.

Bengals vs. Seahawks: 34-12 Bengals
Bengals Player of the Week: AJ Green- 4 receptions, 63 receiving yards, touchdown
Seahawks Player of the Week:  Sidney Rice-7 receptions, 102 receiving yards

The Bengals have been one of the most underrated surprising teams in the league last year. The Bengals were supposed to have one of the worst offenses in the leagues after losing Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco, but instead have found their new quarterback and wide receiver for years to come.

Cowboys vs. Eagles: 34-7 Eagles
Cowboys Player of the Week: Laurent Robinson- 5 receptions, 103 receiving yards, touchdown
Eagles Player of the Week: Mike Vick- 279 pass yards, 50 rush yards 2 touchdowns, 129.9 passer rating

Michael Vick showed that he steps up when he needs to, after an impressive performance on Sunday Night to lead the Eagles over the Cowboys. Vick and the Eagles are now 3-4 and are back to second place in the NFC East.

Chargers vs. Chiefs 23-20 Chiefs (OT)
Chargers Player of the Week: Malcom Floyd- 5 receptions, 107 receiving yards
Chiefs Player of the Week: Jon Baldwin- 5 receptions, 82 receiving yards, touchdown

The Chiefs surprised the Chargers with an upset win in Overtime on Halloween. Both kickers had great games, with Nick Novak kicking four field goals for San Deigo while Ryan Succop kicked three field goals, including the game winner. Struggles for Philip Rivers continued, as he threw two interceptions and no touchdowns.

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