Sunday, November 6, 2011

NFL Week 9 Predictions

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Can Mike Vick and the Eagles get another big prime time win to get back into playoff discussions?

Jets vs. Bills: 27-23 Jets

The Jets really need this win to boost their confidence and to jump back in the playoff race. The Jets can't afford another loss, especially to a team in the division. The Jets' defense needs to play great today in order to win this game.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys: 30-13

After an embarrassing loss last week, the Cowboys will bounce back and defeat the Seahawks. Look for Tony Romo to gain some confidence back with a big game

Falcons vs. Colts: 32-10 Falcons

This one should be no surprise. The Colts are the worst team in the league without Peyton Manning, while the Falcons are one of the best. The explosive Falcons offense should put up good numbers vs. the Colts this week.

Dolphins vs. Chiefs: 27-20 Chiefs

Just when everyone thought the Chiefs had no hope and were one of the worst teams in the league, they won four straight games and are now 4-3. Even if the Dolphins take an early lead, we all know that they will blow the lead and lose another game in order to get Andrew Luck.

Bucs vs. Saints: 30-20 Saints

Although the Saints lost to the Bucs earlier in the season, they will get the better of them in their second meeting. The Saints are coming off an ugly loss to the Rams and want to prove to everyone that they are on the of best teams in the league. A big win against the Bucs can win back some confidence points.

Niners vs. Redskins: 27-6 Niners

The Redskins haven't won a game since they pulled Rex Grossman at quarterback. Either way the Niners will get the better of the Redskins whether Grossman or Beck plays. The 49'ers have one of the scariest defenses in the league and shut down the Redskins pretty well this week.

Browns vs. Texans: 28-10 Texans

The Texans have played great without Andre Johnson this season, thanks to big performances by Arian Foster. Expect another great game by Foster as the Texans run all over the Browns.

Bengals vs. Titans: 24-20 Titans

This matchup will be a close one as Andy Dalton and the Bengals face Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans. Cedric Benson is returning from his one game suspension which should give the Bengals some help. If Chris Johnson plays up to his contract, than the Titans should win this game, but with the way he has been playing lately, it is not looking so sure.

Broncos vs. Raiders: 28-13 Raiders

The Raiders are fresh off their bye week after an embarrassing loss two weeks ago against the Chiefs. Hopefully Carson Palmer has learned the offense by now. Either way it won't take much to defeat Tim Tebow and the Broncos who have struggled to put points on the scoreboard this season.

Giants vs. Patriots: 28-24 Patriots

The The Patriots are coming off a rough loss last week against the Steelers while the Giants are coming off a comeback win vs. the Dolphins. Jets fans will have a hard time rooting for a team because the Giants are the in state rivals but a win against the Patriots could affect their playoff scenario. This 2007 Super Bowl matchup will go the other way with Tom Brady and the Patriots winning in Foxborough.

Rams vs. Cardinals: 24-23 Rams

Both teams are without their starting quarterbacks in this Week Nine matchup. Advantage goes to the Rams who have Steven Jackson in their backfield opposed to Beanie Wells in the Cardinals backfield. Also, Steve Spagnuolo's defense should prevail in this won to give the Rams their second straight win of the season.

Packers vs. Chargers: 30-21 Packers

The Packers are very capable of running the table this season. Aaron Rodgers is playing like he's the bets quarterback in the league, while his supporting crew is playing just as well. The Chargers are coming off a weak loss on Monday Night and will drop in the AFC West standings.

Ravens vs. Steelers: 20-17 Steelers

The Steelers are one of the hottest teams in football and could be the best team in the AFC this year. The Steeles will get revenge from an embarrassing Week One loss to the Ravens, and beat them on their own turf. Big Ben will have another impressive game while Joe Flacco will continue to disappoint.

Bears vs. Eagles: 35-17 Eagles

As stated last week, Michael Vick comes up big in important games (regular season only). Vick and the Eagles need another win to bounce back from an ugly start to the season. LeSean McCoy and Matt Forte are playing like top running backs in the league. If the Eagles want to win this won though, they need a big performance from their defense, which has been disappointing this season.

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