Thursday, December 22, 2011

NFL Week 16 Predictions

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Can LeSean McCoy and the Eagles knock off the Cowboys and
continue their unexpected playoff push?

Texans vs. Colts: 21-17 Texans

The Texans will bounce back from an ugly loss to Carolina, but the game will go down to the wire. Both teams are starting backup quarterbacks who can't get the job done. The key component of this matchup is the running game, whether Arian Foster or Donald Brown will find holes in the other team's line.

Giants vs. Jets: 27-22 Giants

The Giants and Jets both played their worst games of the season last week, and both potentially ruined their seasons in the mix. The big difference between the Giants and Jets this season, is that the G-Men have had for the most part, consistent offensive production, while the Jets are unsure if they will score more than 20 points. If anyone is to stop the Giant's arial attack though, it is the Jets who have the best cornerback in the league. Nonetheless, the Giants will win the battle of New York (really New Jersey).

Broncos vs. Bills: 27-20 Broncos

This game could go either way. Last week, Tim Tebow proved he was human after a disappointing performance against the Patriots. Although the Bills are far worse than New England, the Bills could be the team who pulls a Christmas Upset. If Tebow cuts down on his turnovers, and can play smart football for all four quarters, the Broncos should win.

Cardinals vs. Bengals: 23-14 Bengals

The Cardinals streak will end this week, when Andy Dalton, AJ Green, and the rest of the Bengals continue to fight for a playoff spot. If the Bengals win their last two games, they are set to be in the playoffs, which is far better than anyone projected them to be. After losing key components to their offense and defense, many bad the Bengals as a bottom five team in the NFL. The Bengals' rookies will continue to do wonders this season for Cincinnati, and deliver a key win.

Jaguars vs. Titans: 28-13 Titans

If Maurice Jones-Drew wasn't a Jaguar, the team would score less than 10 points a week. Good news for them is that he is still on the team, bad news is that they will still lose. Hopefully Jake Locker gets the start this week for Tennessee, since he has played great when relieving Matt Hasselbeck. The Titans did give the Colts their first win of the season, but they will return to form and beat the woeful Jaguars.

Raiders vs. Chiefs: 20-10 Raiders

In the past few weeks, Oakland has forgot to "Just win, baby". In honor of Al Davis, the Raiders need to win their last two games to have a chance of making the playoffs. Even though the Chiefs beat the Packers, that was the biggest fluke in a few years. Raiders should win easily.

Dolphins vs. Patriots: 38-24 Dolphins

Tom Brady showed how good he is last week, when he tore apart a very good Denver defense. With Miami up next on the schedule, you can only imagine the success Brady will have against them.

Rams vs. Steelers: 30-9 Steelers

Perfect time for Pittsburgh to gain their confidence back. They can afford to give Big Ben some rest, but still deliver a big win against the Rams. James Harrison will be back, and you know he is going to be making some big hits next week.

Vikings vs. Redskins: 29-17 Vikings

Adrian Peterson said last week that he can't be expected to run the ball when the team is down 20. Peterson shouldn't worry about being down 20 this week when the Vikings take on the Redskins. Even though the Vikings are 2-12, they have had some bright spots this season. Jared Allen has been an absolute beast on defense this year, and although he has thrown a lot of interceptions, Christian Ponder has kept games closer than most people expected him to.

Bucs vs. Panthers: 38-20 Panthers

The Panthers have had an explosive offense this season after drafting Cam Newton, and should put a ton of points on the scoreboard when they play Tampa Bay. The Bucs have given up this season ever since they lost to the Texans 37-9, which was six weeks ago.

Browns vs. Ravens: 28-13 Ravens

Just like I wrote for the Steelers, the Ravens have a great opportunity to gain some confidence back, and let Joe Flacco get back into rhythm. The Ravens lead the AFC North thanks to two wins against Pittsburgh, but they can't afford another loss in the regular season.

Chargers vs. Lions: 35-30 Chargers

No one in the NFL is playing better football than the San Diego Chargers. Although they may not make the playoffs, the Chargers have been playing like the team everyone expected them to be in the preseason. Philip Rivers has had no trouble against opposing defenses, and shouldn't struggle against the Lions. Detroit's offense will keep them in the game, but Norv and the Chargers will survive for another week.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: 38-27 Eagles

First it was the Giants, then it was the Jets, next up are the Cowboys. The Eagles have potentially ruined two seasons already, and the crazy thing is that they can still make the playoffs despite a terrible season. Mike Vick is playing like the Mike Vick of last year, and LeSean McCoy has no mercy for defenses. The Eagles will win big, as Dallas will epitomize their typical December collapse

Niners vs. Seahawks: 24-20 Seahawks

When I said the Chargers are playing the best football in the NFL, I lied. The Seahawks have been red hot ever since beating the Ravens over a month ago. Jim Harbaugh and the 49'ers have been one of the best teams this season, but the Seahawks will be playing at home in front of one of the most dedicated crowds in the league. If Marshawn Lynch continues to taste the rainbow, and the defense contains Alex Smith, the Seahawks can upset the 49'ers.

Bears vs. Packers: 30-10 Packers

The Packers will bounce back and have no problem beating the Bears. Caleb Hanie is not close to being an NFL quarterback, and woudlnt' even find success playing in the SEC. Ever since the Bears lost Jay Cutler, their season has gone down the drain.

Falcons vs. Saints: 35-20 Saints

If Aaron Rodgers is this season's MVP, Drew Brees is right behind him in second place. Brees has had a historic season, and is very capable of leading New Orleans back to the Super Bowl. The Falcons put on a very nice display last week, and will get 11 days of rest, but the Saints are by far the better team.

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