Saturday, January 8, 2011

NFL Playoffs 1st Round Predictions

Can Peyton Manning lead his team to a similar result this year vs the Jets?

Regular Season record: 156-100

The Nation will crush the
Seahawks today in Seattle
Saints vs Seahawks: 41-13 Saints
The Seahawks don't deserve to be playing in the playoffs and will be told that today, by the defending champs, the New Orleans Saints. If the Seahawks can give up 41 and 38 to the Giants and Bucs who both didn't make the playoffs, just imagine how much Drew Brees and Co. can put up on this team. Saints in a not close game.

Will Sanchez get revenge on the
Colts this season?
Jets vs Colts: 31-24 Colts
This matchup will repeat last years AFC Championship, and will also have the same result, a Colts victory. The Colts are way too experienced, and when it matters the most, an experienced QB always beats a young quarterback. The Colts have been able to heal some injuries and Peyton shouldn't have much trouble finding some open receivers. The Jets offense is too inconsistent and they will get tripped up today at Lucas Oil, Colts in a close one.

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will
lead one of the best defenses
In the NFL vs the Chiefs
Ravens vs Chiefs: 21-17 Ravens
Like the Colts vs Jets game, the deciding factor in this game is the lack of experience on the Cheifs side, and a whole lot of experience for the Ravens. The Ravens have made it to the playoffs many times in the last 10 years while the Chiefs have only made it about 3. The Ravens had one of the hardest schedules in  the NFL and still had a 12-4 record. Their defense will be just a little to much for Cassel, Charles, and Bowe. Still a close game though, I have the Ravens.

                                                      Packers vs Eagles: 38-28 Eagles
Vick is all about redemption and will
succeed vs the Packers.
This is by far the most interesting and intriguing game of this week. You have Aaron Rodgers leading his team to the playoffs despite many key injuries on the offense like Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley. Then you have the Eagles led by Michael Vick, who has been the most improved, and exciting player to watch this year. A few years ago, Vick was in prison, and now he's about to lead his team deep in the playoffs. In a high scoring game, i have the Eagles over the Packers, just because position by position the Eagles have the edge, and the fact that this game is being played in Philly.

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