Thursday, January 6, 2011


Andrew Luck will not enter the NFL Draft and stay at Stanford for his Junior Year.

Unlike Lebron, Andrew Luck will be taking his talents to Palo Alto, the same place he was this year, with the Stanford Cardinal.

Today, Heisman runner up Andrew Luck, has decided he will return to the University of Stanford for his junior year instead of going into the NFL Draft.

Luck would be the #1 pick in the draft but yet has decided to return mostly to win the Heisman and to bring "The Farm" a national championship.

Luck helped Stanford to a 12-1 record including a BCS bowl win vs Virginia Tech. The Cardinal's only loss was a 52-31 win by Oregon.

This year Luck had a great season.

Luck had one of his best
games of the whole
season in the Orange Bowl
against Virginia Tech.
He passed for 3,338 yards and 32 touchdowns, while only throwing 8 interceptions, 2 coming in the game vs Oregon. He also rushed for 3 touchdowns. In 10 games this season Luck threw for multiple touchdowns, including a season high 4 vs Sacramento State, Wake Forest, Oregon State, and in the Orange Bowl vs Virginia Tech.

Not only is Luck a smart player on the field but he is also one of the smartest off the field. He is on the all-academic team and will score high on his Wonderlic test when he enters for the NFL Draft next season. His father was a Rhodes scholar and after football one day, Andrew might become one as well.

Another reason Luck might have decided to stay in school was because of the possibility of an NFL lockout season. Luck is smart enough and figured he might as well get another year of college football dominance, win some awards, and graduate with a degree in architectural design.

The only thing that could be different with Stanford next season though is they might have a new head coach. Jim Harbauh who is the current coach of Stanford is being interviews by many NFL teams such as the Dolphins, 49'ers, and Broncos, as well as some college football teams like Michigan. It could be hard for Luck to have as much success without a great coach like Harbaugh but someone as talented as Luck still shouldn't have a problem.

The Carolina Panthers got very unlucky in the situation, no pun intended.

They have the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and stated they would have drafted Luck if he decided to enter. The Panthers need a serious team makeover which starts with the quarterback.

This year rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen could not get the job done and only has a 58.4 passer rating and has thrown for only 3 touchdowns. After starting in 6 games, he has thrown a touchdown in only 2. Obviously the Panthers needed Luck, who as a quarterback, hasn't gotten as much hype since Peyton Manning was entering the draft.

The Panthers will probably trade down to a top 15 pick and end up getting another 1st round pick next year, and will hope to get the #1 pick again.

That might be another reason Luck decided not to enter the draft.

Out of past teams with the #1 pick in the draft the Panthers are one of the weakest offensively.

The Rams, Lions, and Dolphins, all had offensive threats that could help out rookies Jake Long, Matt Stafford, and Sam Bradford, but the Panthers have really nobody on offense. Yes they have an o.k. run game but with Williams being so injury prone and Steve Smith aging, the team needs to start fresh.

This year at Stanford Luck also broke records for passing completion %, passing effiency, and passing touchdowns. You have to remember that other Stanford quarterbacks include John Elway and Jim Plunkett, and look how successful they were in the NFL.

Luck just might be lucking out this time, but only time will tell!

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