Saturday, January 1, 2011

NFL Week 17 Predictions

Peyton will take advantage of a weak Tennessee Defense this week

My Record coming into the final week: 147-93
Last Week's Record- 9-7

Panthers vs Falcons: 24-10 Falcons
The Falcons will take this one easily, and by the second half will have their starters benched. They still need to win in order to lock up the division title so expect to see Turner, Ryan, and White out on the field.

Steelers vs Browns: 27-6 Steelers
Peyton Hillis was the Browns only hope, and he has't been good in 4 games. That streak will continue as he plays against the best run defense in the NFL, the steelers. The Steel Curtain will shut down the Browns this sunday and win their division.

Vikings vs Lions: 28-24 Vikings
Although the Lions did have a nice win last week, and have had a good season as a whole, the Vikings are the better team. Yes they are 6-9 but everyone expected them to be 10-5 at this point in the season. The Lions have a terrible rush defense which just means a great game for AP this upcoming sunday.

Raiders vs Chiefs: 27-21 Chiefs
The Raiders have been great this season and have found a serious star player in Darren McFadden, but the Chiefs have just been better this season. They are 10-5 and have clinched a playoff spot after wining the division. If they bench their starters the Raiders could win, but i still have the Chiefs pulling out the win.

Dolphins vs Patriots: 28-14 Patriots
The Patriots will probably bench their starters, but that does not stop them from winning this game. They are the best team in the NFL so their backups could still put up a fight with the Dolphins.  The game is also in New England, not Miami which changes the whole game around because of the climate change. The Dolphins won't adjust nor will they win the game this Sunday.

Bucs vs Saints: 35-27 Saints
The Bucs have been great this season and now have a franchise quarterback in Josh Freeman. They also had a productive season from rookie WR Mike Williams, and have had a solid defense all year long, but the Saints are just too good. They won the Super Bowl last year, and have the same expectations for this season. Especially with the division title up for grabs, look for a Saints dub this week.

Jets vs Bills: 27-10
The Jets have not lived up to their huge hype coming into this season. Still, they are in the playoffs. Look for the Jets and head coach Rex Ryan to blow out the Bills this week, just to prove a point. The Bills aren't very good, but a nice victory could give the team some momentum going into the playoffs.

Bengals vs Ravens: 24-13 Ravens
The Bengals had a nice win this week but that wasn't against one of the best teams in football. The Ravens need a win to have a chance of locking up the division and will do so this sunday vs the Bengals. The defense is way too good and the Ravens have a nice offense with Flacco, Rice, and the triple entente wide receivers in Mason, Boldin, and Housh.

Giants vs Redskins: 28-7 Giants
The Giants need this win, and will deliver in the clutch. The Giants had an embarrassing loss last week to the Packers and dropped out of the current playoff standings. With a win and a loss from the Packers, they regain their spot. The Giants should and will win this game vs a very weak Redskins team.

Chargers vs Broncos: 27-21 Broncos
I am seriously a fan of this Denver Broncos team, now that Tim Tebow is starting at quarterback. He gives the team some energy, and can do it all. The Broncos have some momentum, and the Chargers have the complete opposite. I am taking the Broncos in this one.

Packers vs Bears: 24-20 Bears
Not to be biased, but i believe the Bears will win this one. They have a much better defense then the Giants and should be able to stop Rodgers a little better then the Giants did. With the way Cutler has been playing as well, the Bears are one of the better teams in the NFL. Bears giving the Giants a favor this week with a win over the Packers.

Titans vs Colts: 28-10 Colts
Both teams have underachieved this season, but the Colts are still the better team. They need this win to clinch a playoff spot, unlike the past 5 years where they have been benching their starters this week. Peyton will be Peyton and the Titans will be stopped again this sunday.

Eagles vs Cowboys: 27-21 Cowboys
I do not know why i picked the Cowboys, but i am just feeling a victory. Especially with Kolb starting and the way the Eagles played last week, the Cowboys might have a chance. Yes, the Cowboys did not play too well also but still they have a tendency to win vs the Eagles. Upset right here, Cowboys on sunday.

Cardinals vs Niners: 24-14 Cardinals
This one was a coin flip decision. Both teams have been terrible this season and have played in the worst division in football. The Niners just fired their head coach and the Cardinals have barely won any games this season. Still, i have the Cardinals winning just because they have more playmakers then the Niners in Fitzgerald and Rodgers Cromartie.

Jaguars vs Texans: 27-13 Texans
The Texans have been bad ever since their bye week, but will end the season on a good note with a win this sunday. The Jaguars made a nice run but will be without Garrard and Jones-Drew this sunday. Schuab, Foster, Johnson, and the Texans will be too much for the Jaguars.

Seahawks vs Rams: 24-10 Rams
I hate this game so much, it is a shame it is the last regular season game of the season, and also a mini playoff game to see who makes it to the real playoffs. The Rams are 7-8, the Seahawks 6-9. That being said, the winning team of the DIVISION will not be over .500 and at the best .500. Out of the Bucs, Giants, and Packers, only one of these great teams will be able to make it due to this lack of division in he NFC West. Whatever, Bradford leads the Rams from worst team to playoff team.

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