Thursday, October 18, 2012

NFL Week 7 Predictions

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Big Red and the Bengals are coming off an ugly loss to the Browns.
Will they bounce back this week with a win against the Steelers on Sunday Night?

Seahawks vs. Niners: 26-20 Seahawks

My record on Thursday night games haven't been too strong this season, so I'm going to go out on a limb once again and take the Seahawks. I really like the Seahawks this season, and though I have had trouble predicting their games this season (more of a jinx), I will once again trust my faith in rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. It will be a tough task for Wilson and the Seahawks as they travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers. The 49ers got crushed by the Giants last week, but are overall a very strong team. Seattle has a very tough defense, and I think they will be able to shut down the Niners' offense for the second straight week. It will be a battle of the defenses and despite being on the road, the Seahawks are my pick for this game.

Titans vs. Bills: 27-20 Bills

So after three ugly losses everyone can just count out the Bills? The Bills still have a powerful running game and should have the defense to stop the Titans. Their defense returned to form last week against Arizona and I expect a similar result this week.

Browns vs. Colts: 30-26 Colts

A two game winning streak for the Browns is just too much for me at this point. Plus, Andrew Luck loves playing in his dome. Expect the Colts to bounce back from a loss last week.

Packers vs. Rams: 35-14 Packers

The Packers are back to being one of the scariest teams in the NFC. This week, they go up against a subpar Rams team. I don't care if the Rams are playing in their dome, they are going up against the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers > Bradford without a doubt.

Cardinals vs. Vikings: 28-12 Vikings

The Vikings return to their dome this week to take on the Cardinals. At this point, I think we can all agree that the Cardinals aren't as great as their 4-0 start might have seemed. They both have solid defenses, but in the end I'd favor the Vikings' offense over the Cards'.

Redskins vs. Giants: 30-23 Giants

I know, I know. This is the perfect game for the Giants to lose coming off an incredible win last week. Then throw in the fact that the Redskins always play well against the Giants and that RG3 is unstoppable. I don't care. Taking my Giants once again this week.

Saints vs. Bucs: 27-20 Saints

The Saints are back. Vilma is playing and that should be enough to anchor their troubled defense. Plus, the Bucs don't have the weapons on offense to go mano y mano with Drew Brees.

Cowboys vs. Panthers: 29-25 Panthers

I think the Panthers gather themselves following their bye week and beat the Cowboys. The Cowboys played very well against the Ravens last week, but they aren't the most consistent team. Cam is due for a big game and will come through for Carolina at home.

Ravens vs. Texans: 24-20 Texans

Both teams suffered crucial injuries in the past few weeks. Even with the return of Terrell Suggs, I can't fathom the Ravens winning this one. The Texans got embarrassed last week and will like to prove they are still elite.

Jaguars vs. Raiders: 30-20 Raiders

The Raiders almost beat the Falcons last week which is a sign they are improving. They go up against a much weaker opponent this week in the Jaguars. Expect 100 yard games from both running backs, but Palmer will outplay Gabbert and help get the win.

Jets vs. Patriots: 35-10 Patriots

The Patriots always love playing against the Jets especially at home. It makes it even better when they are coming off a terrible loss that they knew they should have won. Tom and the boys will bounce back with a big win this week.

Steelers vs. Bengals: 23-20 Bengals

The Steelers aren't the team we thought they were. They haven't won on the road and haven't been impressive in any of their wins. The Bengals are coming off an ugly loss to the Browns, but I still think they will win this game at home.

Lions vs. Bears: 30-24 Bears

I'm going with my Super Bowl pick in this one. The Bears are too talented defensively to allow Matt Stafford to throw against them. Stafford is having a turnover-happy year and should continue this play against the Bears. If Jay Cutler can control the offense, the Bears shouldn't have a problem in this game.

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