Thursday, September 29, 2011

NFL Week 3 Recap

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Eli Manning and the Giants defeated the Eagles 29-16 on Sunday. Manning had a
great game, throwing for four touchdowns and no interceptions

This Week's Record: 9-7
Overall Record: 30-18

Patriots vs. Bills: 34-31 Bills
Patriots Player of the Week: Wes Welker- 16 receptions, 217 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns
Bills Player of the Week: Fred Jackson- 74 rushing yards, 87 receiving yards, touchdown

Believe it or not, the Bills defeated the Patriots Sunday, and improved their record to 3-0. Buffalo came back from 21-0 deficit and intercepted Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, four times. Ryan Fitzpatrick continued to do wonders for the Bills, as he threw for over 350 yards and two touchdowns

Niners vs. Bengals: 13-8 Niners
Niners Player of the Week: Vernon Davis- 8 receptions, 114 receiving yards
Bengals Player of the Week: Cedric Benson- 64 rushing yards

In a game full of sloppy mistakes, the 49'ers beat the Bengals by an awkward score of 13-8. The only touchdown of the game came from San Fransisco's backup running back Kendall Hunter.

Dolphins vs. Browns: 17-16 Browns
Dolphins Player of the Week: Daniel Thomas- 95 rushing yards, 27 receiving yards, touchdown
Browns Player of the Week: D'Qwell Jackson- 11 tackles, .5 sack, fumble recovery

The Browns were able to beat the Dolphins, despite the fact that Peyton Hillis didn't play. Hillis was sidelined with strep throat on Sunday. The Dolphins rookie running back, Daniel Thomas, had a great game but it wasn't enough to give the Dolphins their first win of the season.

Titans vs. Broncos: 17-14 Titans
Titans Player of the Week: Nate Washington- 8 receptions, 92 receiving yards, touchdown
Broncos Player of the Week: Willis McGahee- 52 rushing yards, touchdown

The Titans won this week, but also lost Kenny Britt for the season after he tore his ACL in the game. Nate Washington stepped it up for Tennessee in Britt's absence since Chris Johnson has yet to rush for over 100 yards in a game this season.

Giants vs. Eagles: 29-16 Giants
Giants Player of the Week: Eli Manning- 254 passing yards, 4 touchdowns, 145.7 passer rating
Eagles Player of the Week: LeSean McCoy- 128 rushing yards, touchdown

The Giants beat up on Michael Vick and the Eagles and defeated them by a score of 29-16. Eli Manning played flawless for the first time this season, and the Giants really connected on the field. Victor Cruz also had a great game filling in for Mario Manningham, catching two touchdowns and having over 100 receiving yards.

Lions vs. Vikings: 26-23 Lions
Lions Player of the Week: Calvin Johnson- 7 receptions, 108 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns
Vikings Player of the Week: Adrian Peterson- 78 rushing yards, touchdown

The Lions came back to beat the Vikings after trailing 20-0 in the first half. Matt Stafford had another good game and connected with Calvin Johnson for two touchdowns. The Lions are 3-0 and are the most exciting team in football right now.

Texans vs. Saints: 40-33 Saints
Texans Player of the Week: Matt Schaub- 373 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 103.9 passer rating
Saints Player of the Week: Jimmy Graham- 4 receptions, 100 receiving yards, touchdown

The Saints were able to hold on to another victory against the Texans. Houston was without running back Arian Foster, who has been injured this season. The Texans led in the 4th quarter, but the Saints came back and scored 23 points in the final quarter.

Panthers vs. Jaguars: 16-10 Panthers
Panthers Player of the Week: Greg Olsen- 7 receptions, 59 receiving yards, touchdown
Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones-Drew- 128 rushing yards, 47 receiving yards

Cam Newton and the Panthers won their first game of the season Sunday, after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars. Newton only threw for one touchdown, but had no interceptions. In Blaine Gabbert's first start for the Jags, he completed 12 passes for 139 yards and a touchdown, but also had an interception.

Jets vs. Raiders: 34-24 Raiders
Jets Player of the Week: LaDainian Tomlinson- 38 rushing yards, 116 receiving yards, touchdown
Raiders Player of the Week: Darren McFadden- 179 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns

Raiders' football looks to be finally back. The Raiders beat the Jets, and had a got a huge performance out of their running back, Darren McFadden. For the last two seasons, McFadden has come out of his shell and is playing like a top ten running back in the league.

Ravens vs. Rams: 37-7 Ravens
Ravens Player of the Week: Torrey Smith- 5 receptions, 152 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns
Rams Player of the Week: Brandon Gibson- 5 receptions, 55 receiving yards, touchdown

The Ravens demolished the Rams Sunday and might have found a new stud wide receiver. Torrey Smith's first three catches in the NFL all went for touchdowns. Flacco had a great game too, throwing for 388 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a passer rating of 103.6.

Chargers vs. Chiefs: 20-17 Chargers
Chargers Player of the Week: Ryan Matthews- 98 rushing yards, 51 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns
Chiefs Player of the Week: Dwyane Bowe- 6 receptions, 63 receiving yards, touchdown

The Chargers didn't play well but still were able to defeat the Chiefs. Antonio Gates didn't play, and Philip Rivers had a mediocre game, but thanks to Ryan Matthews, the Chargers came out on top. The Chiefs look like they want Andrew Luck, and their injured players all in uniform.

Packers vs. Bears: 27-17 Packers
Packers Player of the Week: Jermichael Finley- 7 receptions, 85 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns
Bears Player of the Week: Johnny Knox- 4 receptions, 84 yards

The Packers are 3-0 after beating the Bears in Chicago. Green Bay played a great game offensively from Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley. The Bears are now 1-2 after losing their last two games to the Saints and Packers.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks: 13-10 Seahawks
Cardinals Player of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald- 5 receptions, 64 receiving yards, touchdown
Seahawks Player of the Week: Sidney Rice- 8 receptions, 109 receiving yards

The Seahawks won their first win of the season after defeating the Cardinals 13-10. The Seahawks didn't play great offensively but had a pretty impressive performance by their defense.

Falcons vs. Bucs: 16-13 Bucs
Falcons Player of the Week: Roddy White- 9 receptions, 140 receiving yards
Bucs Player of the Week: Ronde Barber- 4 tackles, interception, fumble recovery

The Falcons disappointed fans again after losing to the Bucs. The 1-2 Falcons were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders this year after trading up and taking Julio Jones in the draft, but find themselves tied for last in the NFC South.

Steelers vs. Colts: 23-20 Steelers
Steelers Player of the Week: Mike Wallace- 5 receptions, 141 receiving yards, touchdown
Colts Player of the Week: Joseph Addai- 86 rushing yards, touchdown

It really shows how much one player can impact a team. The Colts without Peyton Manning is like a human body without a brain. The Colts can't function without No. 18. The Steelers improved to 2-1 and have seemed to forget about their embarrassing Week 1 loss to the Ravens.

Redskins vs. Cowboys: 18-16 Cowboys
Redskins Player of the Week: Tim Hightower- 41 rushing yards, 39 receiving yards, touchdown
Cowboys Player of the Week: Dan Bailey- 6 field goals made, 18 points

The Cowboys handed the Redskins their first loss of the season on Monday Night, thanks to their kicker, Dan Bailey, who successfully kicked six field goals. Good news for the Cowboys also is that Felix Jones has gained his mojo back after rushing for 115 yards.

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