Sunday, October 2, 2011

NFL Week 4 Predictions

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Adrian Peterson and the Vikings are lookingfor their
first win of the season this week vs. the Chiefs.

Panthers vs. Bears: 28-20 Bears

The Bears have had a rough two weeks and will gain some momentum back when they defeat the Panthers. Cam Newton wasn't great last week, and the Bears' defense is one of the best in the league.

Bills vs. Bengals: 31-17 Bills

The Bills are one of the hottest teams in the league this season with a 3-0 record. The Bills will win another one this week when they defeat Andy Dalton and the Bengals.

Titans vs. Browns: 27-21 Titans

The Titans lost Kenny Britt last week but will defeat the Browns this week. Peyton Hillis missed last week's game with strep throat, and supposedly lost 10-15 pounds. If Hillis is at full strength the Browns may have a chance to win, but the Titans look like the favorite.

Lions vs. Cowboys: 31-27 Lions

Matt Stafford is living up to his first overall pick in the NFL draft three years ago. Stafford and the Lions' offense has exploded this season, averaging 34 points per game. The Cowboys have a good offense too, but they need their defense to step up if they want to win this game.

Vikings vs. Chiefs: 27-13 Vikings

It's unfair to predict the winner of the Chief's' matchup every week because they are missing so many key players. Their starting running back, tight end, and safety are all out for the season. The Vikings haven't won a game this season too, but has led at half time in all three games. Vikings win their first game of the season, and hold their half time lead.

Redskins vs. Rams: 20-17 Rams

The Redskins started off the season red hot, but everyone knows it was just a bluff. Before you know it, the Redskins will be back in fourth place in the NFC East. The Rams are winless so far, but will pick up their first win this week at home against the Redskins.

Niners vs. Eagles: 35-17

The Eagles' offense is way to good for the Niners to compete with. Vick is going to have a strong game and the Eagles are going to pick up some momentum after losing the last two games to the Falcons and Giants.

Saints vs. Jaguars: 31-13 Saints

America is so sympathetic for Maurice Jones-Drew. He is the only good player on the Jaguars, and every week gives his full effort on the field, just to lose the majority of the times. This week will be one of those times when The Saints come into town and crush the Jaguars.

Steelers vs. Texans: 35-31 Texans

Arian Foster is back and the Texans will beat the Steelers this week. The Texans are coming off of a tough loss to the Saints in New Orleans, and will bounce back with a win vs. the Steelers. The Steelers beat the Colts last week, but the game was closer than everyone thought. The Steelers are getting older and slower, while the Texans are entering their prime.

Giants vs. Cardinals: 28-21 Giants

The Giants are coming off their biggest win in arguably two seasons, after defeating the Eagles for the first time in seven games. Eli Manning played incredible last week throwing four touchdowns and no interceptions, and as long as he can play somewhat decent this week, the Giants should win this one.

Falcons vs. Seahawks: 38-13 Falcons

The Falcons are coming off another disappointing loss, this time to the Bucs, but will bounce back when they crush the Seahawks. Matt Ryan will gain back some confidence and the Falcons will be 2-2 after this week's win.

Broncos vs. Packers: 28-10 Packers

The defending Super Bowl champs will be 4-0 after they beat the Broncos this week. The Packers are just too good for 90% of the league. Rodgers and the offense will have a field day against the Broncos' defense.

Patriots vs. Raiders: 30-20 Patriots

The Raiders beat the Jets last week at home but they will not have a similar result this week against the Patriots. The Patriots are embarrassed after blowing last week's game to the Bills and will take it all out on the Raiders this week.

Dolphins vs. Chargers: 27-10 Chargers

Despite coming out a little flat this season, the Chargers will win this one in San Diego. The Dolphins will stay winless and will be one of the front runners for Andrew Luck this offseason.

Jets vs Ravens: 24-20 Ravens

This one will be a close game, but the Ravens at home will come out on top. The Jets will be 2-2 after this game and will raise a bunch of eyebrows in New York when they are sitting in third place in the AFC East.

Colts vs Bucs: 27-20 Bucs

Rewind six weeks ago, and who would have guessed that the Bucs are the favorite to beat the Colts on Monday night. Now fast forward those six weeks, and you've got the Colts without their leader, Peyton Manning, and no hope. Josh Freeman will be able to show America that he is the next young quarterback stud, when Bucs and he defeat the Colts.

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