Wednesday, October 19, 2011

World Series Preview

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Nelson Cruz has been outstanding for the Rangers this postseason.
Can Cruz keep up his game and lead the Rangers to their first World Series title ever

The 107th MLB World Series kicked off tonight as the St. Louis Cardinals face off against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are returning to the World Series after losing to the Giants last year. The Cardinals' last trip to the World Series was in 2006 when they beat the Detroit Tigers in five games.

Texas made it into the postseason after winning the AL West. This season they had a 96-66 record.The Rangers first faced the Rays in the ALDS but beat them in four games. The Texas Rangers then advanced to the ALCS where they beat the Detroit Tigers in six games.

St. Louis had a similar scenario to the Giants last year, when they made it into the postseason on the last night of the season. The Cardinals won the NL Wild-card and posted a 90-72 record on the year. In the NLDS the Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Phillies in five games, and then they beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLCS in six games.

So who will win the 107th edition of the MLB World Series?

The Texas Rangers.

The Rangers simply have more depth than the Cardinals. When it comes down to those clutch moments when your #7 hitter is up with two runners on and two outs, the Rangers have the edge over the Cardinals. The Rangers also have a deeper pitching rotation and bullpen.

The Cardinals snuck their way into the playoffs, and put up a good run but aren't good enough to beat the Rangers. Remember, the  Cardinals' pitching ace Adam Wainwright opted for surgery and has missed the whole season. If Wainwright was available to pitch, their chances to win the World Series would be much higher.

Another reason why the Texas Rangers will beat the Cardinals is because of Nelson Cruz. Cruz has exploded this postseason for Texas. He has hit six homeruns, including a walk off grand slam and three run home run in two ALCS games. Cruz became the first person ever to end a postseason game on a grand slam  Cruz also has 13 RBI's and a .784 slugging percentage. No one has been more clutch this October than Nelson Cruz.

On top of that, Texas has other stars like Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, Adrian Beltre, and Mike Napoli who has also stepped up this season. The Cardinals may have Albert Pujols, but they don't have a great enough supporting cast to keep up with the Rangers.

The good news for the Cardinals is that they have home field advantage, thanks to the NL for winning the All Star game in Arizona.

If the Cardinals were to lose the World Series, would they also lose their longtime star Albert Pujols? Rumors are speculating that Pujols is likely to finally test the market, and might actually sign with divisional rivals, the Chicago Cubs. With the Cubs likely to acquire Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, Chicago becomes a place of interest for many stars, including Pujols.

So there you have it, The Texas Rangers will be your World Series champs when they beat the Cardinals in six games.

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