Saturday, October 8, 2011

NFL Week 5 Predictions

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots face off against the New York
 Jets for the first time this season.

Eagles vs. Bills: 31-19 Eagles

The Eagles will bounce back after three consecutive losses and beat the Bills. No matter how good the Bills have looked this season, the Eagles are still the better team and should take care of Bills. Also, the Bills' defense that picked off Tom Brady four times, might struggle with Philadelphia
s mobile quarterback.

Chiefs vs. Colts: 24-20 Colts

The Colts will win their first game of the year against another injury stricken team. Curtis Painter is improving each week, and has a new target in Pierre Garcon, who he hooked up with twice last week for two touchdowns. The Chiefs' offense isn't the same without Jamaal Charles, and the Colts' defense has been good recently, keeping them close in games vs. the Bucs and Steelers.

Giants vs. Seahawks: 31-10 Giants

Last time the two teams played, the Giants demolished the Seahawks in Seattle. Eli Manning is bound for another spectacular game, and may carry his no interception streak to three games. The Seahawks' offense is still lame even with Sidney Rice in the lineup, and the Giants shouldn't have a problem stopping them.

Cardinals vs. Vikings: 28-27 Vikings

The Vikings will win their first game of the season against the Cardinals this week. Adrian Peterson is gonna breakout and have a huge game against the Cardinals' defense. If the Vikings are going to win this game, they need to be able to hold their halftime lead, and make sure Donovan McNabb plays at least decent.

Titans vs. Steelers: 28-17 Steelers

The Steelers are coming off another loss as the Titans are coming off another win. Regardless of what their records say, the Steelers are the better team and will win this one. Even though the Titans have picked up a solid passing game this year, the Steelers should be able to hold the Titans to under 20 points and win the game.

Saints vs. Panthers: 38-27 Saints

This one is meant to be a high scoring duel between Cam Newton and Drew Brees. The advantage goes to the veteran, as the Saints have the better overall team. Even though Newton might put up impressive numbers, it won't be enough to give the Panthers their second win of the season.

Bengals vs. Jaguars: 20-13 Bengals

While the Carolina vs. New Orleans game may be a barnburner, this game will be on the low scoring side. Both teams are starting rookie quarterbacks, and don't produce that much on offense. The Bengals are still the better team, and should be able to handle the Jaguars.

Raiders vs. Texans: 30-21 Texans

Rest in Peace Al Davis, a man who knows Raiders football more than anyone on this planet. The Raiders will play their hearts out on Sunday, but the Texans will end up on the winning side. The Texans are the better team, and this season have been playing spectacular. Arian Foster will be working with a big work load, and is expected to have a big game with Andre Johnson out with an injury.

Bucs vs. Niners: 23-20 Bucs

The Buccaneers and 49'ers are both 3-1 this season so far. The reason the advantage goes to Tampa in this game is simply because quarterback, Josh Freeman, is far more elite than Alex Smith. Freeman took control late in the game last week against Indianapolis, and has shown great leadership early on this year.
It should be a close one, but the Bucs will pull through.

Broncos vs. Chargers: 31-17 Chargers

The Broncos are definitely sucking for Luck so far this season. Although they are banged up, many of their games this season have not been close. The Chargers have an explosive offense that might put the Broncos to work. If Philip Rivers plays anywhere close to how Aaron Rodgers played last week, Denver is in for trouble.

Jets vs. Patriots: 28-23 Patriots

In their first meeting of the year, the Patriots will get the better of the Jets in Foxborough. Believe it or not, the Jets will have a losing record after five weeks. Nick Mangold's injury is affecting this team way more than anyone expected. Mark Sanchez looked horrendous last week, and the offensive line is to blame for some of it. Advantage New England.

Packers vs. Falcons: 35-27 Packers

The Packers played incredible last week, and even though it was against the Broncos, Aaron Rodgers might have had the best regular season game of his life. The Falcons could give the Packers some trouble in Atlanta, but Rodgers definitely has the advantage over Matt Ryan. Green Bay will still be undefeated after week five.

Bears vs. Lions: 30-20 Lions

The Lions are hosting their first Monday Night football game ever at Ford Field. Although the first actually Ford Field Monday Night game was last year, it was actually the Minnesota Vikings hosting the New York Giants. Anyways, although the Bears have looked good early in the season, the Lions look unstoppable. Their offense is one of the most explosive in the entire league, and their defense is holding their own"

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