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NFL Week 5 Recap

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Alex Smith and the 49'ers crushed the Bucs last week 48-3.
Eagles vs. Bills: 31-24 Bills
Eagles Player of the Week: LeSean McCoy- 80 rush yards, 27 receiving yards, touchdown
Bills Player of the Week: Fred Jackson- 111 rush yards, 85 receiving yards, touchdown

The "Dream Team" is becoming the "In Your Dreams Team" after falling to 1-4. The Bills on the other hand picked up their game after a loss to the Bengals a week ago. Vick, like Brady two weeks ago threw four interceptions including one returned for a touchdown. It is only week five, but the Eagles are running out of time to make a comeback and win the very competitive NFC East.

Chiefs vs. Colts: 28-24 Chiefs
Chiefs Player of the Week: Dwayne Bowe- 7 receptions, 128 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns
Colts Player of the Week: Curtis Painter- 277 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 115.8 passer rating

Each week, the Colts are getting closer and closer to winning their first game. Curtis Painter has been playing alright in his first two starts, hooking up with Pierre Garcon for two touchdowns each week. The Chiefs, on the other hand, have won two straight, and are on a roll after losing Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry for the season.

Cardinals vs. Vikings: 34-10 Vikings
Cardinals Player of the Week: Beanie Wells- 60 rush yards, touchdown
Vikings Player of the Week: Adrian PEterson- 122 rush yards, 3 touchdowns

This game was way over after the first quarter. The Vikings led 28-0 and Adrian Peterson already had three touchdowns. The Cardinals have lost their last four games, and just looked terrible last week. This win was also the first for the Vikings this season, after they finally held onto a first half lead.

Steelers vs. Titans: 38-17 Steelers
Steelers Player of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger- 228 pass yards, 5 touchdowns, 116.2 passer rating
Titans Player of the Week: Chris Johnson- 51 rush yards, touchdown

The Steelers bounced after a loss to the Texans last week and crushed the Titans. Big Ben played the best game of his season, throwing five touchdown passes. The Steelers' D looked great, holding Chris Johnson to only 51 rushing yards, and Matt Hasselbeck to only one touchdown throw.

Saints vs. Panthers: 30-27 Saints
Saints Player of the Week: Drew Brees- 359 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 100.1 passer rating
Panthers Player of the Week: DeAngelo Williams- 115 rush yards, touchdown

With only one minute left in the game, the Saints took back their lead after Pierre Thomas caught a six yard pass from Drew Brees. Cam Newton had a solid game throwing for two touchdowns, and running in one himself. Even though the Panthers are 1-4, they are 4-1 vs. the spread which means they are player better than what people expected. DeAngelo Williams also had his first 100+ yard game of the season. Carolina's defense is injured, but right now it is the only part of their game that is holding them back from more wins.

Bengals vs. Jaguars: 30-20 Bengals
Bengals Player of the Week: AJ Green- 5 receptions, 90 receiving yards, touchdown
Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones-Drew- 85 rush yards, touchdown

The Bengals are surprisingly 3-2 after beating the Jaguars this past Sunday. The Andy Dalton to AJ Green connection has been great this season. The two have connected on over 400 yards and three touchdowns. The Jaguars, on the other hand, have not found success this season, winning only one game. The Jaguars are still struggling to find a good passing game.

Giants vs. Seahawks: 36-25 Seahawks
Giants Player of the Week: Victor Cruz- 8 receptions, 161 receiving yards, touchdown
Seahawks Player of the Week: Doug Baldwin- 8 receptions, 138 receiving yards, touchdown

The Seahawks shocked the Giants in the Meadowlands after a late interception that was returned for a touchdown clinched the game. Eli Manning had a terrible game, throwing three costly interceptions. The Seahwks did play well though, on both offense and defense. Marshawn Lynch was just two yards shy of a one hundred yard rushing game, while Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst had solid passing games.

Raiders vs. Texans: 25-20 Raiders
Raiders Player of the Week: Darrius Heyward-Bey- 7 receptions, 99 receiving yards, touchdown
Texans Player of the Week: Arian Foster- 68 rush yards, 116 receiving yards

"Just Win Baby". After the passing of longtime Raiders owner Al Davis, the team did just that. Michael Huff intercepted Matt Schaub in the endzone as time expired to give the Raiders their third win of the season. It was an emotional win for the team, and even though they played sloppy, they still got the victory in the end.

Bucs vs. Niners: 48-3 Niners
Bucs Player of the Week: N/A
Niners Player of the Week: Alex Smith- 170 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 127.2 passer rating

The 49'ers creamed the Buccaneers this past Saturday. San Francisco held the Bucs to no touchdowns, but scored six of their own. Josh Freeman, just a week after leading the Bucs to victory on Monday Night, had the worst game of arguably his career. Freeman threw for only 187 yards, no touchdowns, but a pair of interceptions.

Chargers vs. Broncos 29-24 Chargers
Chargers Player of the Week: Malcom Floyd- 3 receptions, 100 receiving yards, touchdown
Broncos Player of the Week: Tim Tebow- 79 pass yards, 37 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns

The Broncos finally played Tim Tebow, but it was a little too late. The Broncos were losing 26-10 midway through the fourth quarter when Tebow finally got some action. In the short time he had, Tebow cut the lead down to just five points, and even had a last second desperation chance to give the Broncos the win. The Chargers played decent, but still haven't impressed that many early on this season. Philip Rivers still hasn't exploded for a big game yet.

Jets vs. Patriots: 31-21 Patriots
Jets Player of the Week: Shonn Green- 83 rush yards, touchdown
Patriots Player of the Week: BenJarvus Green-Ellis - 136 rush yards, 2 touchdowns

The Patriots beat down on their division rivals and are now 4-1. The Jets on the other hand are under .500. The offense did not look great this past week, and the defense definitely didn't play well after giving up 30 points. If the Jets finally want to live up to their word and make it to the Super Bowl, they need to make some adjustments quick.

Packers vs. Falcons: 25-14 Packers
Packers Player of the Week: Aaron Rodgers- 396 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 117.0 passer rating
Falcons Player of the Week: Michael Turner- 56 rush yards, touchdown

The Falcons chocked a 14-6 halftime lead to the Packers on Sunday Night and are now 2-3. The Packers shut out the Falcons in the second half and are now one of two undefeated teams left in the league. Aaron Rodgers had another huge game for the Packers throwing for almost 400 yards.

Lions vs. Bears: 24-13 Lions
Lions Player of the Week: Jahvid Best- 163 rush yards, touchdown
Bears Player of the Week: Matt Forte- 116 rush yards, 35 receiving yards

The Lions are still undefeated after knocking off the Bears on Monday Night. Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford connected again, and Jahvid Best added to the offense with over 100 rushing yards and a touchdown. The Bears are now 2-3 and play the Vikings next week.

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