Sunday, October 23, 2011

NFL Week 7 Predictions

(Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
McFadden and the Raiders face off against the Chiefs. It will be interesting
to see how Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer play, with Jason Campbell out for the season .

Last Week's Record: 11-2
Overall: 61-29

Seahawks vs. Browns: 23-14 Browns

Despite Peyton Hillis' injury, the Browns will fight through this one, and defeat the Seahawks. The Seahawks are without their starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and are starting backup Charlie Whitehurst. The more efficient offense will win this one today, since both teams struggle to put points on the scoreboard.

Falcons vs. Lions: 31-23 Lions

The Lions are coming off their first loss of the season against the 49'ers and are all pumped up for this game at home. The key factor for this game is not the Lions' offense, but how their defense plays against the Falcons offense. The Falcons have one of the best offenses in the league with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Michael Turner, so it will be interesting to see how Ndamukong Suh and the Lions plan to shut down the Falcons.

Texans vs. Titans: 30-20 Texans

Despite Andre Johnson still out with a hamstring injury, the Texans will bounce back from two straight losses and beat the Titans. The Texans still have a strong offense should be able to out-power the Titans.

Broncos vs. Dolphins: 24-21 Broncos

No one has sucked for Luck more than the Dolphins this season. Tim Tebow will take over at quarterback for the Broncos, and hopefully, will provide some new hope for Denver. The timing is perfect for Tebow to step in and shine for the Broncos, with a game against arguably the worst team in the NFL.

Chargers vs. Jets: 27-23 Jets

The Chargers are the favorites to win on Sunday, but the Jets will surprisingly upset them at home. This game will be an emotional one for the Jets, with LT playing against his former team, and Rex Ryan trying to back up his smack talk. The Jets have lost three of their last four games, but will turn it around with a win against San Diego.

Bears vs. Bucs: 28-20 Bears

Just a week after getting blown out by the 49'ers, the Bucs upset the New Orleans Saints. Their luck won't carry onto this week, as the Bears come into  town. As long as Jay Cutler plays smart football, and the Bears get the ball in Matt Forte's hands, the Bears should win this game.

Panthers vs Redskins: 31-24 Panthers

Cam Newton and the Panthers will win their second game of the season when they go into Washington and defeat the Redskins. The Redskins are starting backup John Beck after Rex Grossman disappointed the past few weeks. Cam Newton will find no trouble against the Redskins' defense both on the ground and in the air.

Chiefs vs. Raiders: 24-13 Raiders

With Jason Campbell out for the season, the Raiders are hoping that Kyle Boller, or the newly acquired Carson Palmer can lead them to the postseason. The Raiders face an easy opponent today in the Kansas City Chiefs, and might be able to work Carson Palmer into the game to get some experience with the playbook. Darren McFadden will rush for another 100 plus yards and a touchdown in a Raiders victory.

Steelers vs. Cardinals: 30-13 Steelers

The Steelers have been pretty quiet this season, but are still one of the best teams in the league. The hard hitting defense should have no problem against a weak Cardinals offense. On the offensive side of the ball, Big Ben will continue to put up big numbers, and Rashard Mendenhall will look to follow up an impressive game from last week.

Rams vs. Cowboys: 28-14 Cowboys

The Rams will remain winless when they face off the Cowboys in Dallas. The Cowboys' offense will be too much for the Rams' defense to handle. With Sam Bradford out for the Rams, the offense will have an  even harder time scoring points this week.

Packers vs. Vikings: 35-17 Packers

Christian Ponder will get his first start in the NFL Sunday for the Minneota Vikings. Too bad he has to face the undefeated Green Bay Packers. The Packers are a way better team than the 1-5 Vikings and should handle this one pretty easily.

Colts vs. Saints: 31-17 Saints

The Colts will remain winless as Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints bounce back from a rough loss last week. Hopefully, the Saints can get back their mojo with a big win against Indianapolis. Good news for the Colts is that they are still in position to get Andrew Luck.

Ravens vs. Jaguars: 27-3 Ravens

Can the prime-time games get more lopsided? The Ravens will crush the Jaguars on Monday night. Although the Ray Rice vs. Maurice Jones-Drew matchup is somewhat interesting, Rice will win easily due to a weak Jacksonville defense and a very strong Baltimore defense.

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