Sunday, November 11, 2012

NFL Week 10 Predictions

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Big Ben and the Stelers play the Chiefs on Monday Night. 

Colts vs. Jaguars: 27-10 Colts

Starting off the week 1-0 is a great feeling. The Colts came into Jacksonville and put a beating on the Jags. The Colts' defense did a fantastic job of shutting down the Jaguars' offense and even returned an interception for a touchdown. Believe it or not, but the 6-3 Colts might wind up in the playoffs this season.

Giants vs. Bengals: 24-10 Giants

The Giants will win their first ever game in Cincinnati on Sunday. It's rare that the Giants lose back to back games and it's even rarer that the second loss comes to a team with a ginger quarterback. Eli and the Giants will return to form this week and beat the Bengals on their home turf.

Titans vs. Dolphins: 23-16 Dolphins

Who would have guessed that the Dolphins would be 2nd place in the AFC East and still have a chance to make the playoffs with more than half of the season already over? Miami's defense has been stellar this season, while their offense has been good enough to win games. Expect Reggie Bush to have a big game, because the Dolphins are going to run all over Tennessee.

Lions vs. Vikings: 27-23 Vikings

Despite the cold streak, the Vikings play their best football at home in their dome. If Adrian Peterson can continue to pave his way through defenses and if Christian Ponder can limit himself to one interception or less, the Vikings should win this game. The Lions don't play well in the first half of games, so if the Vikings can get out early and control the game tempo, they should come out as winners.

Bills vs. Patriots: 37-13 Patriots

The last time these two teams played, the Pats dropped over 50 on the Bills' defense. Expect the Patriots to continue dominance against the Bills at home, as they try to pick up some momentum in the second half of the season.

Falcons vs. Saints: 35-30 Saints

Who else but the Saints would be the team to ruin the Falcons' perfect season? I've said it over and over again, but I'll say it one more time. The Falcons haven't looked great in their last few games and will finally lose this week. The Saints are a different team in their dome and have won three of their last four games. Who Dat Nation upsets the birds.

Chargers vs. Bucs: 30-27 Bucs

I was never a believer in the Bucs until recently. This team continues to believe in itself and coach Greg Schiano has done a great job leading them. Their offense has been redhot, unlike their opponents. The Chargers are 1-3 in their last four games and will likely lose another one this week.

Broncos vs. Panthers: 20-17 Broncos

The Broncos will win this game, but it will be closer than most expect. The Panthers are a good team, despite their record, and when they can simply run the ball, they are a much more efficient team. The Broncos have been playing awesome football, but don't be surprised if Cam and the Panthers force Peyton Manning to run a two-minute drill for the win.

Raiders vs. Ravens: 24-17 Ravens

The Ravens will remain undefeated at home this week, even though they are banged up. The Raiders themselves are just as banged up as the Ravens, which will force Carson Palmer to throw the ball over 40 times. Expect at least three of those balls to be picked off.

Jets vs. Seahawks: 26-20 Seahawks

Not trying to jinx the Seahawks, who might be my second favorite team in the NFL, but I have them winning at home this week. Russell Wilson has been flawless at home, compared to on the road, and the Seahawks are undefeated at CenturyLink Field. The Jets need a win, but will not get it this week in Seattle. It's time to put in Tebow.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: 30-22 Cowboys

Texans vs. Bears? No way, this game was the hardest to pick. Both teams need wins, while extreme amounts of pressure are on both coaches and quarterbacks. Just thinking about this game gets me upset. The Cowboys will win this game on the road, ensuing all madness to come in Philadelphia.

Rams vs. Niners: 30-16 Niners

The 49ers are back to being the top team in the NFC following the Giants' loss last week. The Niners can expect another win this week against their in-division rivals, the Rams. The Rams have been able to keep up with teams in the first half of games, but tend to slip in the second half. Alex Smith and the Niners will take care of the Rams in San Francisco.

Texans vs. Bears: 27-20 Bears

What's better than a Super Bowl preview in Week 10? The Bears get the nod because of their home field advantage. Both teams have incredible defenses, led by JJ Watt and Peanut Tillman, but I think this game will come down to offense. Matt Forte vs. Arian Foster, and Matt Schaub vs. Jay Cutler will be the two matchups I'll be looking at closely. Whoever wins those two battles will win the game.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: 27-6 Steelers

The Steelers are known for blowing games against terrible opponents, especially following a big win the week prior. This time, the Steelers know better not to blow this game on Monday Night. The Chiefs now have a rule stating that they will bench a player who turns over the ball. Does that mean their backup middle linebacker will be playing quarterback mid-third quarter? This one should be funny to watch.

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