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NFL Week 10 Recap

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
After rushing for a paltry 45 yards through the first three weeks of the season,
Chris Johnson has now rushed for nearly 900 yards through 10 weeks.

Last Week's Record: 11-3
Overall Record: 95-51

Colts vs. Jaguars: 27-10 Colts
Colts Player of the Week: Andrew Luck- 227 pass yards, 2 rush touchdowns, 80.1 passer rating
Jaguars Player of the Week: Cecil Shorts III- 6 receptions, 105 receiving yards, touchdown

Week 10 started off with a boring matchup, but what more can you expect from a Thursday Night game involving the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts jumped out to an early lead thanks to two short rushing touchdowns by rookie Andrew Luck. The Colts advanced to 6-3 and are in great position to return to the playoffs after a one-year hiatus.

Giants vs. Bengals: 31-13 Bengals
Giants Player of the Week: Andre Brown- 65 rush yards, touchdown
Bengals Player of the Week: Andy Dalton- 199 pass yards, 4 touchdowns, 127.6 passer rating

Boy was I wrong about this game. The Giants flat out stunk in this one and played their worst game since 2009 against the Carolina Panthers (Week 16, lost 41-9). Bill Simmons brought up a great point in his podcast after the game. We haven't seen Eli Manning play this bad in consecutive weeks (three) since his pre-Super Bowl days. Could he possibly be hurt and hiding something? I don't know, but as a Giants fan this worries me. Hats off to the Bengals though for playing a phenomenal game.

Titans vs. Dolphins: 37-3 Titans
Titans Player of the Week: Chris Johnson -126 rush yards, touchdown
Dolphins Player of the Week: Brian Hartline- 8 receptions, 79 receiving yards

Yeah, let's just get all the games I was completely wrong about out of the way now... It wasn't the Dolphins who ran all over the Titans, it was the Titans who ran all over the Dolphins. Miami stunk running the football and failed on offense overall. The Titans have flown under the radar (don't get my wrong, they are still a bad team) in that when they win, they pack on the points. Maybe this shows us that Jake Locker is a competent quarterback when presented with a lead. Either way, both teams are not playoff teams, so let's move onto the next game.

Lions vs. Vikings: 34-24 Vikings
Lions Player of the Week: Calvin Johnson- 12 receptions, 207 receiving yards, touchdown
Vikings  Player of the Week: Adrian Peterson- 171 rush yards, touchdown

Calvin Johnson scored his first touchdown since Week 3, but it wasn't enough to beat the Vikings in their dome. Adrian Peterson is playing like his ACL injury never existed, because he has returned as the best running back in the NFL after just 10 months. At 6-4, the Vikings are looking pretty good in terms of being a wildcard team this year.

Bills vs. Patriots: 37-31 Patriots
Bills Player of the Week: Fred Jackson- 80 rush yards, 2 touchdowns
Patriots Player of the Week: Stevan Ridley- 98 rush yards, touchdown

The beat-down wasn't nearly as bad as it was the first time these two teams met up. Nonetheless, the Patriots still controlled the game and scored at ease on the weak Buffalo defense.

Falcons vs. Saints: 31-27 Saints
Falcons Player of the Week: Matt Ryan- 411 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 100.7 passer rating
Saints Player of the Week: Drew Brees- 291 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 113.8 passer rating

Who called this one?!? I've been skeptical of the Falcons for a while and they finally proved that they aren't as perfect as everyone thought they were. Touchdown of the year might go to Saints running back Chris Ivory, who made the Falcons' defense look like swiss cheese on his 50+ yard touchdown run.

Chargers vs. Bucs: 34-24 Bucs
Chargers Player of the Week: Philip Rivers- 337 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 109.1 passer rating
Bucs Player of the Week: Josh Freeman- 210 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 137.5 passer rating

Norv Turner's career with the Chargers is likely to come to and end, either during the season, or once it has ended. After starting 3-1 once again, the Chargers have dropped four of their last five games. They don't play defense and the turn the ball over way too much. The Bucs on the other hand have been the hottest team in football. Led by Doug Martin and Josh Freeman, the Bucs' offensive juggernaut has turned it on the past few weeks and has looked nearly unstoppable.

Broncos vs. Panthers: 36-14 Broncos
Broncos Player of the Week: Peyton Manning- 301 pass yards, touchdown, 103.1 passer rating
Panthers Player of the Week: Greg Olsen- 9 receptions, 102 receiving yards, touchdown

This was another obliteration by the Denver Broncos. With the hardest games in their schedule over, the 6-3 Broncos can look forward to cruising through the rest of their season. The Panthers have just had a miserable season so far. Cam Newton can't carry this team by himself, especially when the isn't performing at a high level this season.

Raiders vs. Ravens: 55-20 Ravens
Raiders Player of the Week: Carson Palmer- 368 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 95.4 passer rating
Ravens Player of the Week: Joe Flacco- 341 pass yards, 3 touchdowns, 115.8 passer rating

The Ravens laid a smack-down on the Raiders last week. Without either of their running backs, the Raiders were forced to throw the ball 45 times. The Ravens' balanced offense kept the Raiders' defense guessing all game. Despite their injuries, it looks like the Ravens will clinch the AFC North.

Jets vs. Seahawks: 28-7 Seahawks
Jets Player of the Week: N/A
Seahawks Player of the Week: Marshawn Lynch- 124 rush yards, touchdown

Was this game a surprise to anyone? The Seahawks are unstoppable at home and the Jets flat out stink.When will Rex Ryan realize that Mark Sanchez doesn't win games? Hopefully it's before he gets the boot in New York.

Cowboys vs. Eagles: 38-23 Cowboys
Cowboys Player of the Week: Tony Romo- 209 pass yards, 2 touchdowns, 122.1 passer rating
Eagles Player of the Week: Jeremy Maclin- 8 receptions, 93 receiving yards, touchdown

Michael Vick is out in Philadelphia! No, he wasn't pulled, but the Pro-Bowl quarterback was knocked out with a concussion during a game. Nick Foles was decent, but wasn't good enough to bring the Eagles their first win since September. The Cowboys' win puts them at 4-5, and with their hardest games already played, they still have a chance to make the playoffs.

Rams vs. Niners: 24-24 Tie (OT)
Rams Player of the Week: Steven Jackson- 102 rush yards, touchdown
Niners Player of the Week: Frank Gore- 97 rush yards, touchdown

These two teams tied, marking the first tie in the NFL since 2008. It was funny how some of these professionals didn't even know the rules of the NFL. Alex Smith was knocked out with a concussion, but the real story in this game was St. Louis' Johnny Hekker, who converted two fake punts to help force OT for the Rams.

Texans vs. Bears: 13-6 Texans
Texans Player of the Week: Arian Foster- 102 rush yards, receiving touchdown
Bears Player of the Week: Brandon Marshall- 8 receptions, 107 receiving yards

The Texans were able to defeat the Bears in a sloppy and messy game, played in pouring rain on Sunday Night. Jay Cutler was the next quarterback casualty of the week, after getting knocked out midway through the game. Combining the weather with both teams' stud defenses, it was difficult to get points on the scoreboard in this one.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: 16-13 Steelers (OT)
Chiefs Player of the Week: Jamaal Charles- 100 rush yards, touchdown
Steelers Player of the Week: Mike Wallace- 3 receptions, 14 yards, touchdown

The Chiefs held a lead for the first time all season! Unfortunately for KC, they failed to hold onto their lead. Big Ben was the final quarterback to be knocked out this week, after spraining his shoulder on a gruesome play. In OT, Matt Cassel threw a pick inside the Chiefs' own territory, setting the Stelers up for an easy game-winning field goal.

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