Sunday, November 18, 2012

NFL Week 11 Predictions

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Tony Romo and the Cowboys aren't giving up on their season just yet.

Cardinals vs. Falcons: 27-13 Falcons

The Falcons will bounce back and defeat the Cardinals, following their first loss of the season last week. Julio Jones is active and will play, which will help Matt Ryan against Arizona's solid defense. Atlanta rarely lose at home, and I doubt their first home loss of the year comes against the Cardinals.

Browns vs. Cowboys: 30-20 Cowboys

The Cowboys are going to pick up a lot of momentum these next few weeks as their schedule keeps getting easier. With a win, Romo and the gang improve to 5-5, which is good enough to be in the playoff race.

Packers vs. Lions: 35-27 Packers

Neither team plays good defense, but both offenses have the ability to explode in any game. Expect this one to be a high-scoring shootout that comes down to a late Matthew Stafford interception to lose the Lions the game.

Bengals vs. Chiefs: 32-17 Bengals

Based on the way Andy Dalton and the Bengals played against the Giants last week, this team should have no problem against the 1-8 Chiefs. With the Big Ben banged up, the Bengals will make a push to jump to second in the AFC North.

Jets vs. Rams: 24-20 Jets

Yeah, I did it. This is the perfect game for the Jets to win because even with a win, they won't be good enough to be considered "good", but they will use the win to delay playing Tebow for another week! All signs are pointing to a sneaky Jets win that no one saw coming. And just to make things interesting, Mark Sanchez WILL outplay Sam Bradford.

Eagles vs. Redskins: 23-16 Redskins

Baylor vs. Arizona? I'll take RG3 over Foles any day of the week. The Eagles have already thrown in the towel, so what could be worst than a loss to the 'Skins? The Redskins' offense has been better this year but their defense, which was supposed to lead the team, has been subpar. If they can contain LeSean McCoy, this game should be cake for them.

Bucs vs. Panthers: 35-21 Bucs

Good luck trying to stop the Bucs' offense. Oh, you mean the offense that has been Top 3 in efficiency since their bye week? Yeah, that one. The Panthers have looked pathetic this season, and I expect them to continue their pathetic-ness in another brutal loss at home.

Jaguars vs. Texans: 32-13 Texans

Really? Really? Really!?!?! This game is too unfair. The Texans' third strings will outscore the Jaguars in the second half.

Saints vs. Raiders: 42-30 Saints

Who is 4-1 in their last five games? Oh right, the Saints. Carson Palmer vs. Drew Brees will probably result in 700+ pass yards, 7 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. The Saints will continue their hot streak with a big win against the Raiders. And by big, I mean high scoring, and not big in the sense that the Raiders are a good football team (because they are not).

Chargers vs. Broncos: 31-25 Broncos

Anyone remember when these two teams played on Monday Night? Well I sure do. After playing actually impressive football for two whole quarters (I know that's a lot to ask for), the Chargers blew away their lead in the second half in the most embarrassing way possible. I think Philip Rivers turned the ball over on four of his last five drives. Pathetic. I'd be shocked if Peyton and the Broncos blew this one at home.

Colts vs. Patriots: 33-26  Patriots

Yes, we know Andrew Luck is having an impressive rookie season and all that, but this is real talk. We're talking possible MVP candidate, not Rookie of the Year. Tom Brady will show Luck "who runs this league" after a win in Foxborough.

Steelers vs. Ravens: 24-16 Ravens

Well, we already know that the Steelers don't play well on national television and we also know that the Ravens don't lose at home. What does that equate to? A Ravens win on Sunday Night! The Steelers are 0-4 vs. the Ravens without Big Ben, and they will be 0-5 after the game this week.

Bears vs. Niners: 22-15 Niners

Both teams lost their quarterbacks last week after ugly hits. Both teams also have incredible defenses and solid running games. On paper, these two teams look very similar. The key difference is that the 49'ers are playing at home. I expect the home-field advantage to be strong enough to boost the 49ers to victory.

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