Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rest Of The Week 12 Predictions

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Can Chad Henne lead the Jaguars to victory after a close loss last week?

Vikings vs. Bears: 28-20 Bears

This is where the Vikings' schedule starts to get ridiculously hard. They've had their fun, but now it's time to lose. The Bears are fresh off of two losses and will be hungry for a big win this week to get back on track. Jay Cutler is expected to return and even if he isn't at full strength, any form of Jay Cutler is better than Jason Campbell.

Raiders vs. Bengals: 23-16 Bengals

Cincinnati has been playing great football as of lately and should continue their hot streak against the Raiders. The Raiders are again without Darren McFadden and will depend on Marcel Reece to run the football. In this battle of the ginger quarterbacks, I'm going to have to side with Dalton over Palmer.

Steelers vs. Browns: 14-10 Browns

Wow, I never thought I would be picking the Browns over the Steelers. Over the past decade, the Steelers have dominated the Browns and have won 10 of the last 11 games in Cleveland. With Big Ben out and Charlie Batch starting, it's a struggle to take Pittsburgh. For once, I will think Brandon Weeden is the better quarterback option on the field, so please make this pick seem smart, Brandon.

Bills vs. Colts: 27-24 Colts

The Bills have had the hot hand lately, but no one messes with Luck inside of his dome. After an embarrassing loss to New England last week, the Colts will be ready to reprove themselves as a legitimate playoff team.

Broncos vs. Chiefs: 37-9 Broncos

Peyton Manning vs. Matt Cassel. Do I really need to make sense of this pick? Next.

Seahawks vs.Dolphins: 23-13 Seahawks

The Dolphins have played awful football these past few weeks. They've gotten blown out in back to back weeks and haven't successfully ran the ball since who knows when. This is a perfect chance to get a road win for the Seahawks, who have struggled away from CenturyLink Field this season. Russell Wilson will outshine fellow rookie Ryan Tannehill in this one.

Falcons vs. Bucs: 35-32 Falcons

This one hurts to choose, but I'm leaning towards Atlanta. After throwing five picks last week, something tells me that Matt Ryan is going to go into complete Ef You Mode and prove to us why he is still an MVP candidate. The Bucs' offense has been great and I think they will not have a problem scoring, but I do think their defense will take a hit today.

Titans vs. Jaguars: 28-23 Jaguars

In Henne We Trust? Wow, this might be the first time I've taken the Jaguars all season, but then again, they are playing the Titans. Even though they eventually lost in OT, the Jaguars should feel motivated by their play against the Texans.

Ravens vs. Chargers: 30-20 Chargers

Expect Philip Rivers to be eaten alive on Sunday. Even though the defense is depleted, Baltimore will  absolutely demolish Rivers like they have to so many quarterbacks already. Even if Rivers does play a half decent game, San Diego's defense is not good enough to stop Ray Rice or even Joe Flacco.

Niners vs. Saints: 37-30 Saints

Ok, I admit it, I am a secret Saints fan. I've picked them nearly every week and I will do it once again this week. Kaepernick played great last week and I think he will play well against the terrible Saints defense, but I can't see San Francisco shutting down Drew Brees. While the MVP talk is all about Peyton Manning, why hasn't anyone mentioned Brees. He has practically coached this team while playing the most important position and has led them to win five of their past six games. It's a miracle that this team is still in the playoff hunt after what they went through this offseason. The Niners are a fantastic team and are probably the best in the NFC, but I see them slipping this game to the Saints in the Superdome.

Rams vs. Cardinals: 23-16 Cardinals

This one might be easier than most think. The Rams were unwatchable against the Jets last week while the Cardinals actually played a tough game against the Falcons. Second, the Rams haven't won on the road while the Cardinals play their best football in their stadium. The Arizona quarterback situation frightens me, but I still have them over the Rams.

Packers vs. Giants:28-24 Giants

Oh, you think the Giants have stunk recently and have already peaked? You think that Aaron Rodgers will dominate Eli Manning? Good, because that's exactly what Tom Coughlin wants everyone to think. I wouldn't be surprised if Coughlin actually had the team play poorly on purpose just to show up big on Sunday Night against his favorite opponent, the Green Bay Packers. No one plays the Nobody Believes In Us card better than the Giants. Just like last year, the Giants will enter as the underdog and come out as the winner. Just watch.

Panthers vs. Eagles: 27-20 Panthers

Both teams have had painful and disappointing seasons so far. The Eagles lost their quarterback, defense, dignity, and eventually will lose their coach. The Panthers have regressed after a hopeful season last year. Cam Newton cannot do it all for this team but he should find some success against Philadelphia.

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