Wednesday, October 6, 2010

College Football Week 5 Recap

This weeks games were very exciting as conference play started for many teams

Every Team in the top 25 Won except: 7. Florida, who lost to 1. Alabama, 9. Stanford,who lost to 4. Oregon  11. Wisconsin, who got upset by 24. Michigan State, 21. Texas, who lost to 8. Oklahoma, 22. Penn State, who lost to 17. Iowa, and 23. North Carolina State who lost to Unranked  Virginia Tech

Top 3. Performances:
1. Indiana QB Ben Chappell- Threw the ball 64 times and completed 46 for 488 yards at 3 Tds and almost upset 19. Michigan
2. Oregon Ducks- Beat 9. Stanford to show they are serious contenders and jumped Boise State in the rankings with a 52-31 Victory
3. Denard Robinson- Shocker, he shows up again. In this game he threw for 277 and ran for 217 with a total of 5 Tochdowns. What does H-E-I-S-M-A-N spell?

Top 3 Disappointments
1. Florida, Wisconsin, and Stanford- All these top 10 teams all lost on saturday showing they may not be able to compete with the big boys
2. Michigan's Defense- Their offense is incredible but they are averaging over 32 Points against every game and haven't even faced a ranked team yet. This week they gave up 35 and almost lost to Indiana.
3. The Rankings- Something is clearly wrong with the AP if Boise drops to 4th after a 59-0 blowout and 2 victories over ranked teams, also dropping Wisconsin 10 spots with only a 10 point loss. Ridiculous

Game of the Week:
Michigan Wolverines vs Indiana: In the game last saturday both teams' offense were amazing and the quarterback battle was fun to watch. The defenses struggled and it came to the last minute for 19. Michigan to pull off what should have been an easy victory.
Game MVP: Ben Chappell

Top 5 Games to Look forward to
1. 1. Alabama vs 19 South Carolina- Can the Gamecocks comeback after a loss and end a potential 2nd perfect season
2. 9. Arizona vs Oregon State- Yes the beavers are not ranked but watch out, I'm calling an upset because the Rodgers brothers are gonna dominate the Wildcats
3. 12. LSU vs 15. Florida- Will Florida rebound from a loss to take out the Undefeated Tigers lead by the best defensive player in the country. Patrick Peterson
4. 13. Miami vs 23. Florida State- The battle of Florida: Can Florida State knock out The U, something they have not been able to do in a while?
5. 18. Michigan State vs 19 Michigan- The battle of Michigan- Will the fast and fascinating Wolverines knock off the Surprising Spartans or will the Spartans shock another ranked team

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