Monday, October 25, 2010

Wolrd Series Set!

With the Giants defeating the Phillies also in 6 games, the world series is finally set. The Texas Rangers will make their first appearance ever and the Giants will return for their 2nd in 10 Years.

The First two games will be  played in San Francisco, followed by 3 in Texas and then back in San Francisco if necessary for games 6 and 7. With Fox in an argument with Cablevision, this world series may not get the maximum views it expects.

This series is expecting great pitching duels between, the freak, Tim Linceum, and Cliff Lee in game. In game 2 hard throwing Matt Cain will face off against Texas' C.J. Wilson. Game 3 will probably be Cole Hamels vs Colby Lewis

Now the offense. For the Rangers they are led by Kinsler, Guerrero, and ALCS MVP Josh Hamilton. For the Giants they will get their runs from Pablo Sandaval, Buster Posey, and Aubrey Huff.

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