Saturday, October 30, 2010

NFL Week 8 Predictions

Dolphins vs Bengals: 24-14 Bengals
Jaguars vs Cowboys: 27-10 Cowboys
Redskins vs Lions: 28-10 Redskins
Bills vs Chiefs: 28-17 Chiefs
Panthers vs Rams: 24-17 Panthers
Packers vs Jets: 27-20 Jets
Niners vs Broncos: 20-10 Niners
Titans vs Chargers: 30-20 Chargers
Seahawks vs Raiders: 31-24 Raiders
Vikings vs Patriots: 28-14 Vikings
Bucs vs Cardinals: 24-17 Cardinals
Steelers vs Saints: 35-17 Saints
Texans vs Colts: 35-31 Colts

1 comment:

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