Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers make it to First World Series

On Friday, the Texas Rangers defeated the New York Yankees in 6 games to advance to their first world series ever. The Series MVP went to Josh Hamilton who has been nothing but amazing this whole season long. He might win the regular season MVP as well. The main reason the Rangers defeated the Yankees was due to the bad offensive production by the Yankees or the great pitching by the Rangers. With the exception of Robinson Cano who set records in the ALCS with home runs by a second basemen and just played his heart out, the Yankees could not do anything with the bats. Arod was typical, Teixiera was hitless and did not play do to injury in game 6, and Jeter and the rest were just un-clutch. Besides when they won and put up 7 and 6 runs the Yankees failed to score at least 4 runs scoring 3,2,1, and 0 in their losses. The Rangers await the winner of the NLCS; The Giants and the Phillies. Currently the Giants lead the Phillies 3-2 in the series and game going on right now.

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