Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL week 5 Recap

The Last Undefeated team is defeated in this weeks NFL Recap:

Giants vs Texans: 34-10 Giants
Giants Player of Week: Hakeem Nicks-130 Yards 2 Tds
Texans Player of Week: Andre Johnson- 5 Receptions 95 Yards
The Giants really showed up for the 2nd time this season and in the last 16 games they have played, back to back games showing a strong Offense AND Defense

Jaguars vs Bills: 36-26 Jaguars
Jaguars Player of Week: Josh Scobee- 5/5 on Field goals  long of 49, 3/3 PAT
Bills Player of Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick- 220 Yards, 3 Tds
The Jaguars get back to back wins as Garrard plays well and Kicker Josh Scobee Delivers

Bucs vs Bengals: 24-21 Bucs
Bucs Player of Week: Mike Williams- 99 Yards 1 Td
Bengals Player of Week:Terrell Owens- 102 Yards 1 Td
The Bucs Surprise the overated Bengals with a big performance by the Defense

Falcons vs Browns: 20-10 Falcons
Falcons Player of Week: Michael Turner- 140 Yards
Browns Player of Week: Seneca Wallce- 139 Yards 1 Td
The Falcons defeat the Browns with help from Turner, White, and Ryan

Lions vs Rams: 44-6 Lions
Lions Player of Week: Shaun Hill- 227 Yards 3 Tds
Rams Player of Week: Stephen Jackson- 114 Yards
Finally, I've said this for weeks that the Lions are actually good and that they have a very good offense and now defense as #2 Suh Picks off #1 Bradford

Colts vs Chiefs- 19-9 Colts
Chiefs Player of Week: Jamaal Charles- 87 Yards
Colts Player of Week: Mike Hart- 50 Yards 1 Td
The Colts defeat the Chiefs to end the undefeated teams in the NFL, but i must say it was a lot closer of a game then many would have excepted

Redskins vs Packers: 16-13 Redskins (OT)
Redskins Player of Week: Donavon McNabb- 357 Yards 1 Td
Packers Player of Week: Aaron Rodgers 293 Yards 1 Td
The Redskins defeat the Packers in OT and knock out Rodgers with a Concussion

Bears vs Panthers: 23-6 Bears
Bears Player of Week: Matt Forte- 166 Yards 2 Tds
Panthers Player of Week: Dan Connor- 11 Tackles
The Bears defeat the Awful Panthers without a Quarterback with help by RB Matt Forte

Ravens vs Broncos: 32-17 Ravens
Ravens Player of Week: Ray Rice 133 Yards 2 Tds
Broncos Player of Week: Bradon Lloyd- 135 Yards 2 Tds
The Ravens have a coming out party for Ray Rice and defeat Orton and the Broncos by 14

Saints vs Cardinals: 30-20 Cardinals
Saints Player of Week: Drew Brees-279 Yards 2 Tds
Cardinals Player of Week:Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- 1 Int, 1 Td, 4 Tackles
The Cardinals Pick off the Saints for an unexcited win

Cowboys vs Titans: 34-27 Titans
Cowboys Player of Week: Tony Romo-406 Yards 3
Titans Player of Week:Chris Johnson- 131 Yards 2 Tds Tds
The Titans and Johnson run over the Cowgirls for another victory which helps them in the Close AFC South

Chargers vs Raiders:35-27 Raiders
Chargers Player of Week: Phillip Rivers- 431 Yards 2 Tds
Raiders Player of Week: Defense/ Special Teams- Had 2 blocked Punts, 2 Td, 3 Fumbles
The Raiders without DMac get another Victory in a "Special" Effort to defeat the Chargers

Eagles vs Niners: 27-24 Eagles
Eagles Player of Week: LeSean McCoy- 92 Yards 1 Td
Niners Player of Week: Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis- 104 and 105 Yards Respectively and 1 Td Each
The Eagles defeat the Niners without Vick in a big effort to stop the Niners late with some Interceptions

Vikings vs Jets: 29-20 Jets
Vikings Player of Week: Percy Harvin- 97 Yards 2 Tds
Jets Player of Week: Dwight Lowery: 2 Tackles, 1 Int Td
The Jets defeat the Vikings in a nail-biter on MNF with another effort by the Defense and Run Game

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