Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mlb Postseason and Roy Halladay

Breaking News: Phillies Pitcher Roy Halladay just threw a no-hitter in the 1st playoff game for the Phillies in 2010. This is his 2nd of the season and 2nd all time in post season play
In other post season news here are the games and the predictions
ALDS: current matchups (and predictions)

Rangers vs Ray: Rays  in 5
Yankees vs Twins: Yanks in 4
Phillies vs Reds: Phillies in 4
Giants vs Braves: Giants in 5

ALCS (predictions)

Yankees vs Rays: Yankees in 6
Phillies vs Giants: Phillies in 4

World Series

Yankees vs Phillies: rematch of last year, my Yankees in 7; Repeat Baby!

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