Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NFL Week 4 Recap

49'ers vs Falcons: 14-16 Falcons
Falcons Player of Week: Curtis Lofton- 9 Tackles 1 Int
49'ers Player of Week: Taylor Mays-  11 Tackles 1 TD
This game came down to special teams as the Falcons kicked a Field goal to win it 2 weeks straight

Jets vs Bills: 28-14 Jets
Jets Player of Week: LaDanian Tomlinson- 133 Yards and 2 Tds
Bills Player of Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick- 128 Yards Passing 2 Tds 74 Yards Rushing
The Jets dominated this game on both sides of the ball with the rushing game prevailing

Bengals vs Browns: 23-20 Browns
Bengals player of Week: Terrell Owens-222 Yards 1 Td
Browns Player of Week: Peyton Hillis- 102 Yards 1 Td
The Bengals get a disappointing loss to the Browns while the Browns look like they have a new starting Running Back in Peyton Hillis

Packers vs Lions: 28-26 Packers
Packers Player of Week: Charles Woodson- 13 Tackles 1 Int 1 Td
Lions Player of Week: Calvin Johnson 86 Yards 2 Tds
Yes the Lions are 0-4 but each loss has been within 5 points including this game where they almost tied it up but failed during the 2-point conversion. Their offense is great, its the defense that must improve

Titans vs Broncos: 26-20 Broncos
Titans Player of Week: Michael Griffin- 6 Tackles 1 Int
Broncos Player of Week: Kyle Orton- 341 Yards 2 Tds
The Broncos shut down Chris Johnson for a must needed victory

Rams vs Seahawks: 20-3 Rams
Rams Player of Week: Sam Bradford- 289 Yards 2 Tds
Seahawks Player of Week: Olindo Mare- 3 points (very sad because only points of game)
The Rams embarrassed a team for the first time since nam, and are actually looking good with back to back victories

Saints vs Panthers: 16-14 Saints
Saints Player of Week: Drew Brees- 275 Yards 1 Td
Panthers Player of Week: the Running backs- Both scored their first Tds of the Year and combined for over 100 yards rushing and 75 Recieving
The Saints beat the winless Panthers in a close game while Brees gets knocked around

Ravens Vs Steelers: 17-14 Ravens
Ravens Player of Week: Ray Lewis-  9 Tackles 1 Int
Steelers Player of Week: Rashard Mendenhall- 79 Yards 2 Tds
the division Rivals fought out a defensive minded game this week, and the Ravens won it in the last minute when Flacco threw a ball to TJ Housh in the endzone

Raiders Vs Texans- 31-24 Texans
Texans Player of Week: Arian Foster- 131 Rushing 1 Td 53 Receiving Yards 1 Td
Raiders Player of Week: Zach Miller 122 Yards 1 Td
Despite Playing only the 2nd half, Arian foster runs all over the Raiders who despite the loss put up a good game especially efforts from Miller and injured McFadden

Colts Vs Jaguars- 28-31 Jaguars
Jaguars Player of Week: Josh Scobee- 4/4 on Pat, 59 Yard GW FG
Colts Player of Week: Peyton Manning- 352 Yards 2 Tds
The Colts get shocked in Tallahassee as MJD and company defeat the Colts

Redskins Vs Eagles: 17-12 Redskins
Redskins Player of Week: DeAngelo Hall- 5 Tackles 1 Int
Eagles Player of Week: LeSean McCoy- 64 Rush Yards 112 Passing Yards
The Eagles lose to the Redskins but more importantly lose Star QB Mike Vick to a rib injury

Chargers vs Cardinals: 41-10 Chargers
Chargers Player of Week: Antonio Gates- 144 Yards 2 Tds
Cardinals Player of Week: Kerry Rhodes- 7 Tackles 1 Fumble Rec. 1 Td
The Chargers destroy the Cardinals as the River flows through the Gates for 2

Giants vs Bears: 17-3 Giants
Giants Player of Week: Whole Defense- 63 Tackles 10 Sacks 2 Int 3 points allowed
Bears Player of Week: Daniel Manning- 11 Tackles
The Giants stop the Bears to get back to .500 on SNF

Dolphins vs Patriots: 41-14 Patriots
Dolphins Player of Week: Davone Bess- 96 Yards 1 Td
Patriots Player of Week: Special Teams- 3 Tds 5 Pats 3 FG
Randy Moss sucks in his last game as a Patriot but the Patriots special teams put on a show in South Beach on Monday Night

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