Monday, October 18, 2010

College Football Week 7 Recap

This week's games were very exciting with another upset of the #1 team in the country.

1. Ohio state vs 18. Wisconsin
5. Nebraska vs Texas
10. South Carolina vs Kentucky
19. Nevada vs Hawaii
22. Florida vs Miss. State
23. Air Force  vs San Diego State
24. Oregon State vs Washington

All other top 25 teams won

Top Performances:

1. Wisconsin Badgers- Obviously knocking off the top team in the country is a huge performance. The Run game was as usual where Clay and White combined for 179 Yards and 3 Tds. The Defense also held its own by giving up only 10 points until the 4th quarter and ended with only 18
2. Auburn QB Cameron Newton- Passed for 140 yards and a Td and Ran for 188 Yards and 3 Tds as he leads his undefeated Tigers passed Arkansas
2. Oklahoma Sooners- Shocker, the Sooners blow out another game and Running back DeMarco Murray puts on another display. This team obviously impressed many as they jumped Oregon Boise State and TCU to top the BCS Rankings

Top Disappointments:

1. Ohio State Buckeyes- The Buckeyes lost after become the #1 team a week earlier. They really showed their vulnerability and their defense did not show up. Pryor failed to impress and is really hurting his Heisman and Season Campaign
2. Nebraska Cornhuskers- Their Undefeated season came to an end when they lost to unranked Texas. They let the Texas defense shut down the Cornhuskers and Quarterback Taylor Martinez was subpar for the first time this season he was under 100 yards passing and rushing combined and did not even score 1 Td, Finally make room for Kellen Moore,who was my preseason Heisman Winner
3. Florida Gators- Lets make this one simple, They just suck

Top Game:
1. Ohio State vs 18. Wisconsin

Everyone knew this was going to be the top game of the week and it did not disappoint. College game-day came to Madison and Corso dressed up as a badger and they did not let him down. The game was prime-time 7 PM kickoff and started off with a return for a touchdown by Wisconsin vet. David Gilreath. The run game by Wisconsin which leads to the unpredicted play action passes led Wisconsin to 31 Points. On the other hand the Defense led by JJ Watt, Jay Valai, and Co. Shut down Pryor and the buckeyes and ran them out of Madison

Top Games for Next Week

1. 1. Oklahoma vs 11. Missouri
2. 4. Auburn v 6 . LSU
3.13. Wisconsin vs 15. Iowa
4. 14. Oklahoma State vs 16. Nebraska
5. 18. Arizona vs Washington

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