Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA 2010-2011 Preview

If the offseason was this exciting, just picture how exciting the season will be. Offseason moves here and there reshaped teams in the NBA forming super teams and also very bad teams. In this preview i will predict standings, MVPs, ROYs, and a NBA Champion

Eastern Conference:
1. Miami Heat
2. Boston Celtics
3. Orlando Magic
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Atlanta Hawks
6. Milwaukee Bucks
7. New York Knicks
8. Charlotte Bobcats
9. Cleveland Cavaliers
10. Philadelphia 76'ers
11. Washington Wizards
12. Detroit Pistons
13. New Jersey Nets
14. Toronto Raptors
15. Indiana Pacers

Western Conference:
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Dallas Mavericks
4. San Antonio Spurs
5. Denver Nuggets
6. Portland Trailblazers
7.  Utah Jazz
8. Phoenix Suns
9. Memphis Grizzlies
10. New Orleans Hornets
11.  Houston Rockets
12. Los Angeles Clippers
13. Sacramento Kings
14. Golden State Warriors
15. Minnesota Timberwolves

Most Valuable Players:
1. Kevin Durant: This guy will completely dominate the league this year. Now after being in the league for 3 years, Durant has matured into one of the most purest scorers in the league. Not only will he only demolish the stat sheets, but i think he can lead the Thunder deep into the postseason
2. Kobe Bryant: This shouldn't surprise anyone. Kobe is arguably the best player of the decade/century/ u name it. He is on his way to lead the Lakers to a 3-Peat. With the formation of the Heat, i believe this will just make Kobe want to play harder to prove that his Lakers can compete with the Super Team.
3. LeBron James: Although he is playing on the Heat with 3 other all-stars, it would be wrong not to mention the king in MVP discussions. He has won this prestigious award the last two years with enormous stats, but those numbers will decrease this year when he plays along side Wade and Bosh. Still don't doubt LeBron because he will still lead the Heat in scoring.

Rookie of the Year:
1. John Wall: He was picked #1 for a reason right? Wall will be playing on a pretty good Wizards team, for a team who did have the 1st pick. With Arenas, Hinrich, Blatche, and others Wall will be able to throw dimes as well as make baskets and win himself the Rookie of the Year.
2. Derrick Favors: Favors will do the Nets many favors this season whether it be Offense or Defense. Favors can easily provide the Nets with 13 and 10 and on defense average a block and steal per game. Don't be surprised if Derrick Favors steals the ROY because he is a freak of an athlete
3. Paul George: Here is my dark horse. George was drafted 10th by the Pacers out of Fresno State. Since he is playing for the Pacers, who i believe is the worst team in the East, someone has to score so why not break in the rookie. Newly acquired Point Guard Darren Collison will look to hook up George with many open shots and dunks this season so watch out for George

I believe the Lakers will once again win the NBA Championship and this time defeat a 3rd different team, the Miami Heat. It will be hysterical to watch LeBron cry and Cavs fans to laugh when King James and company disappoint the world and do not win the Championship. The Lakers are just too experienced when it comes to this stuff. They did not lose anybody and gained veteran point guard Steve Blake, to help out Derek Fisher. I Predict the Lakers to win in 6 and have Kobe Bryant win the Finals MVP

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