Tuesday, November 2, 2010

College Football Week 9 Recap

A New #1 took over the BCS Rankings this week with Oregon Surpassing Aurburn. Although Auburn defeated Ole Miss, the Computers thought that Oregon's win @ USC was bigger and therefore passed them in the rankings

Upsets in top 25:
5. Michigan State vs 18. Iowa
6. Missouri vs 14. Nebraska
16. Florida State vs North Carolina State
22. Miami vs Virginia

Top Performances
1. Nebraska RB Roy Helu Jr.- 307 Rushing Yards 3 Touchdowns in a upset over Mizzou
2. Oregon RB LaMichael James- 239 Yards, 3 Touchdown in victory over USC
3. Auburn QB Cam Newton- 209 Pass Yards, 2 Touchdowns,  45 Rush Yards, 20 Rec. Yards and 1 Touchdown and a win over Ole Miss

Top Disappointments
1. Michigan State Spartans- Lossed their undefeated season at the worst time to 18. Iowa
2. Missouri Tigers- Just a week after upsetting #1 Oklahoma, the Tigers blow it vs the Cornhuskers
3. Florida State- Lost an easy game to North Carolina State, showing that the ACC is a joke of a conference

Game of the Week: Oregon vs USC
Although the score doesn't show it (53-32) this game was actually close the whole game and Oregon pulled through at the final minutes. USC actually led the game 32-29 Before Oregon through on 24 straight points. The Ducks offense destroyed the opposing defense once again as the Thomas and James show was put into affect at the Colliseum. USC played well at first but do to some turnovers and missed conversions at the end, blew the upset and 8 game streak of College Gameday's Home Team Victory.

What To Look Forward To:
1. 3. TCU vs 5. Utah
2. 6. Alabama vs 10. LSU
3. 13. Stanford vs 15. Arizona
4. 18. Arkansas vs 19 South Carolina
5.  17. Oklahoma State vs 21. Baylor
6. Heisman Race

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