Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NL Rookie Of The Year

For the National League, this years Rookie of the Year was Giants Catcher, Buster Posey. Posey won this award a little easier than Feliz racking up 7 more points but yet both were pretty clear decisions. Posey provided a lot to the offense that won the World Series this Year, the San Francisco Giants. In 2nd was Jason Heyward and 3rd was Jaime Garcia

     This Year, Posey slugged in 18 Home Runs and ran in 68 men this year for the Giants. He batted .305 this year which is good for any player. The surprising thing about Posey is that he actually got called up very late May because the Giants old Catcher, Bengie Molina was traded to the Rangers who they would later play in the World Series

    Posey is from Georgia and is only 23 Years of age. He played his college ball at Florida State and before playing in the Majors, he was destroying Minor League competition. In the postseason his stats slowed down a little but that happens to everyone. Posey has the potential to be one of the great catchers in the league and could be the next Joe Mauer if he keeps up offensively and defensively.

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