Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AL Rookie Of The Year

 This years Rookie Of The Year for the American League was Texas Rangers Right Handed Closer, Neftali Feliz. Feliz definitely earned this year pitching phenomenally well in the bullpen this year. In 2nd Place came Tigers Outfielder Austin Jackson who hit pretty well but still did not compare to Feliz this season

     He posted a 4-3 record and 40 saves in around 70 innings of pitching. They used him in most playoff games to finish off batters in the 9th. Feliz also had a 2.73 ERA which is pretty good. Feliz ranked 3rd in the AL in saves out of 14 teams

    Feliz is only 22 Years old and is from the Dominican Republic. Also he is not even getting payed half a million dollars. His salary this year was $410,000. Feliz stands at 6'3 which is pretty tall and thats how he gets most of his speed in his fastball which is his most dominant pitch.

     With Feliz' young age we might be seeing his name come up a lot in future years as he is already a dominant player at his position today.

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