Sunday, November 21, 2010

King Felix!

   I know I am a little late on this one, but i have been unavailable to write. Anyways, Congratulations to Felix Hernandez on the 2010 American League Cy Young. Although his record does not show it, he was by far the most dominant pitcher this year in the American League and maybe even the whole Major League.
     For the rest of the pitchers, CC Sabathia came in a pretty close 2nd place followed by Tampa Bay Rays ace, David Price. Felix lead the league in: Innings Pitched, ERA, WHIP, and was only one strikeout behind Jered Weaver for most strikeouts. The only negative was his record which was 13-12.
    Now for the controversy that many people have been arguing about. Did Hernandez really deserve to win the Cy Young with only 13 wins and 12 losses? I think he 100% deserved it and will back up that argument. If he leads the league in almost every pitching category how could he only get 13 wins and pile up 12 losses. Obviously the answer here is his team. If he is averaging close to only 2 runs per game that's the mariners fault that they cannot score because the average ERA for a pitcher is around 3.50. If Felix pitched for the Yankees, who were the best hitting team in the Majors this season, his stats would be scary. Proffesionals are predicting that he could have gotten anywhere from 23-27 wins which would be unheard of considering this years leader was CC Sabathia with 21, who does infact pitch for the Yankees.

     If i was Hernandez i would definitely be talking to my agent in this upcoming season and get me out of Seattle. Cliff Lee did it and he made it to the World Series. Hernandez does not deserve the crappy supporting of the Mariners when he could pitch for a solid team, get more wins, and win next years Cy Young unanimously. Either way Felix Hernandez is your 2010 Al Cy Young Award Winner, and once again congratulations to him.

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