Monday, November 29, 2010

TCU Getting Big

After being highly criticized for a weak schedule year after year, and being told they are not deserving of a BCS Bowl Game, the TCU Frogs have accepted a contract to join the Big East in 2012.

Many people have also complained about how weak the Big East is so TCU can become their football powerhouse since the Big East is guaranteed at least 1 BCS Bowl Game. With the other Eight teams being West Virginia, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Louisville and Rutgers, TCU could possibly be able to Win the conference in its first year.

TCU is leaving the MWC, or Mountain West Conference after joining in '05. Coincidently As TCU is leaving, Boise State is entering the Conference. BYU and Utah are both leaving the MWC as well. So long for competition for Boise as it has screwed itself over by joining the MWC.

TCU has also accepted a full deal to the Big East, joining its basketball conference too, becoming its 18 member. Many teams in the entire 18 team Big East don't have a football team to compete at Division I level and some don't have a team at all. TCU is the conference's most western conference and will likely gain a lot of popularity in recruits hoping to join the Big East.

TCU is one of the many teams leaving and joining new conferences this decade. By 2013 it will be a new Era in College Sports as almost every conference is gaining or losing a team to form super conferences. Hopefully all of these changes turn out good and competition is even better.

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