Thursday, December 2, 2010

NFL Week 12 Recap

Sorry this ones a little late but i have been really busy in the last few days but here it is:

Patriots vs Lions: 45-24 Patriots
Patriots Player of the Week: Tom Brady-341 Yards and 4 Touchdowns
Lions Player of the Week: Maurice Morris- 55 Yards 2 Touchdowns
The Patriots were very thankful to play the Lions this Thanksgiving getting an easy Dub.

Saints vs Cowboys: 30-27 Saints
Saints Player of the Week: Drew Brees- 351 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Cowboys Player of the Week: Miles Austin- 60 Yards Rushing 1 Touchdown
The Saints were thankful for Roy Williams un-clutch fumble that put them back in the game which they won

Jets vs Bengals: 26-10 Jets
Jets Player of the Week: Brad Smith- 55 Rush Yards, 1 Rush Touchdown, and 1 89 Yard Kickoff Return
Bengals Player of the Week: Jordan Shipley- 38 Yards 1 Touchdown
The Jets defeated the Bengals on Thanksgiving Night in a very one sided game dominated by the Jets

Giants vs Jaguars: 24-20 Giants
Giants Player of the Week: Kevin Boss- 74 Yards 1 Touchdown
Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones- Drew-113 Yards
The Giants come back after being down as much as 11 to defeat the Jaguars

Packers vs Falcons: 20-17 Falcons
Packers Player of the Week: Aaron Rodgers- 344 Pass Yards, 51 Rush Yards, and 2 Total Touchdowns
Falcons Player of the Week: Michael Turner- 110 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Falcons prove they are the best in the NFC with a nice win over a top team in the Packers

Steelers vs Bills: 19-16 Steelers (OT)
Steelers Player of the Week: Rashard Mendenhall- 153 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Bills Player of the Week: Fred Jackson- 163 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Steelers are thankful for Steve Johnson's fumble that won the Steelers a game and saved them from humility

Panthers vs Browns: 24-23 Browns
Panthers Player of the Week: Captain Munnerlyn- 6 Tackles, 1 Interception for a Touchdown
Browns Player of the Week: Peyton Hillis- 194 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
The Browns are thankful for John Kasay missing 2 field goals that could had won the Panthers the game

Vikings vs Redskins: 17-13 Vikings
Vikings Player of the Week: Toby Gerhart- 76 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Redskins Player of the Week: Fred Davis- 25 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Vikings defeat the Redskins even though they lost AP after the 1st half

Texans vs Titans: 20-0 Texans
Texans Player of the Week: Defense- gave up 0 points and held Chris Johnson to 5 Yards even though being known for having one of the worst defenses, also Andre Johnson for fighting Cortland Finnegan
Titans Player of the Week: Stephen Tulloch- 14 Tackles
The Texans beat up on the Titans literally and figuratively

Dolphins vs Raiders: 33-17 Dolphins
Dolphins Player of the Week: Ricky Williams- 95 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Raiders Player of the Week:  Jacoby Ford- 121 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Dolphins come back from a losing streak and with Chad Henne at full strength defeat the Raiders

Chiefs vs Seahawks:  42-24 Chiefs
Chiefs Player of the Week: Matt Cassel-223 Yards 4 Touchdowns, Jamal Charles- 173 Yards 1 Touchdown, Dwayne Bowe- 170 Yards 3 Touchdowns
Seahawks Player of the Week: Ben Obomanu- 107 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Chiefs offense Obliterates the Seahawks defense in a one sided game

Bears vs Eagles: 31-26 Bears
Bears Player of the Week: Earl Bennett- 56 Yards and 2 Touchdowns
Eagles Player of the Week: Mike Vick- 377 Yards and 2 Touchdowns ( 1 Interception though)
The Bears defeat the Burning hot Eagles with big performances from Forte and Cutler

Broncos vs Rams: 36-33 Rams
Broncos Player of the Week: Kyle Orton- 347 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
Rams Player of the Week: Sam Bradford- 308 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
The Rams defeat the Broncos and look like they could end up with the Division

Ravens vs Bucs: 17-10 Ravens
Ravens Player of the Week: Derrick Mason- 87 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Bucs Player of the Week: Kellen Winslow- 44 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Ravens shut down the improving Bucs

Chargers vs Colts: 36-14 Chargers
Chargers Player of the Week: Defense- 2 Interceptions for Touchdowns (4 total Interception, plus 1 Fumble Recovery), and 67 Tackles
Colts Player of the Week: Jacob Tamme- 64 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Chargers shock the Colts as they pick off Peyton 4 Times on SNF

Niners vs Cardinals: 27-6 Niners
Niners Player of the Week:Brian Wesbtrook- 136 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Cardinals Player of the Week:N/A
The Niners destroy the Cardinals but lose Frank Gore in doing so

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