Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday, Florida Gators football coach, Urban Meyers, stepped down from the team.

If you can remember, this same situation occurred last year after the Gators lost the SEC Title game vs Alabama.

The only difference though was just shortly after his announcement he took back what he said and continued to coach the team through this season and was expected to coach the team. This was also the first season Urban didn't have Tim Tebow on the team.

This season, being the first year without Tebow the team did not have much success. They are currently 7-5 and play Penn. State in the Outback Bowl. The team's offense was not as explosive with John Brantley at quarterback and had a lot of problems in the beginning of the season adjusting to the new QB.

Urban does not blame the resignation in spite of the record. He says that he did not get the chance to watch his 2 daughters play high school volleyball and just in general spend enough time with his family.

The big discussion now is who to replace Meyers, who has been one of the greatest coaches this decade.

Florida could look at current College Coaches like Randy Shannon, Rich Rodriguez, Chris Peterson, Gary Patterson, or Jim Harbaugh.

Another idea is to look at some NFL coaches, former and active. The leading candidates would be John Gruden, Josh McDaniels, or Mike Leech who coached Texas Tech before he got fired amid controversy with a player.

What Urban will do now, nobody knows. He says he wants to spend time with his family so that is his first priority so do not excpet him to make moves to quickly. Once he is ready, if he is ready, he could possibly start at a High School Level or even coach his kids. Also it is possible he could coach at another College or even go to the NFL.

With Josh McDaniels being fired very recently in Denver, is it a coincident or not that Tim Tebow is on the team, and Urban Meyers has randomly decided to resign. Only time will tell what happens.

Anyways, Meyers will coach his last game with Florida in their bowl game vs Penn State on January 1st.

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