Monday, December 6, 2010

College Football Week 14 Recap

This week will be a very short Recap because only a few teams played this week. It will also be my last College Football Recap post until all the bowl games are over and i will have 1 huge post summing up the season and the bowls. In between though look for my Heisman post which will come up soon.

Teams in the Top 25 that Lost:

13. Nebraska vs Oklahoma
19. South Carolina vs Auburn
21. Florida State vs Virginia Tech
23. Arizona vs Arizona State
24. Northern Illinois vs Miami (OH)

Top Performances:
1. Auburn QB Cam Newton- What else is new here but seriously, Newton had a great performance in his biggest game of the season, the SEC Championship game. He threw for 335 and ran for 75. He also had 6 Total touchdowns and helped bring Auburn to the Title Game
2. Virginia Tech Hokies- After starting the season 0-2, the Hokies have yet to lose and have the 4th longest streak in the Nation. They defeated FSU in the ACC Championship game and are set to face Stanford in the Orange Bowl. QB Tyrod Taylor has greatly improved himself and his team
3. Oklahoma Sooners- the Sooners came back from a 20-0 hole on saturday to defeat Nebraska and advance to the Fiesta Bowl where they will play UCONN and most likely win. Great Performances from Broyles, Murray, and Jones

Top Disappointments:
1. The BCS System- Again another fail with college sports postseason systems. Somehow UCONN who is 8-4 will make it to a BCS game over teams like Michigan State, LSU, Boise State, and Alabama
UCONN did not play a single ranked team this season and lost to some bad teams like Rutgers Temple and Louisville as well as Michigan
2. Nebraksa Cornhuskers-  After starting off hot and having great offense from Martinez and Co. The Huskers failed to score a Touchdown in the 2nd half and choked itself out of the Big 12 Title game and BCS Bowl Contention.
3. Arizona K Alex Zendejas- He missed 2 PAT that would have won Arizona its in-state game vs the Sun Devils. I don't understand why he is even on the team.

Game of the Week:
The Game of the Week Goes to the SEC Championship game between Auburn and South Carolina. The game started off close with South Carolina only down a touchdown. But with a defensive stand and a lack of defense from the Gamecocks the game became out of hand by the second half. Newton and Co. dominated the South Carolina Defense and claimed the SEC Title and will now move on to face Oregon in the National Championship Game in Glendale, Arizona.

Look Forward To:
1. The Heisman
2. The Holidays
3. Vacation
4. Bowl Games
5. The Draft

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