Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NFL Week 13 Recap

Eagles vs Texans: 34-24 Eagles
Eagles Player of the Week: Michael Vick- 350 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
Texans Player of the Week: Matt Schuab- 337 Yards and 2 Touchdowns
The Eagles defeated the Texans on Thursday to take at least a share of the NFC East

Giants vs Redskins: 31-7 Giants
Giants Player of the Week: Running Backs Jacobs and Bradshaw- 200 Yards and 4 Touchdowns
Redskins Player of the Week: Anthony Armstrong- 97 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Giants demolished the Redskins to also take at least a share of the NFC East

Saints vs Bengals: 34-30 Saints
Saints Player of the Week: Chris Ivory 117 Yards and 2 Touchdowns
Bengals Player of the Week: Cedric Benson- 49 Yards and 2 Touchdowns
The Saints beat the Bengals in the last minute due to some dumb errors by the Bengals

Bears vs Lions: 24-20 Bears
Bears Player of the Week: Jay Cutler-234 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Lions Player of the Week: Drew Stanton- 178 Yards and 1 Pass Touchdown, Rush Touchdown
The Bears beat the Lions to take control of the NFC North

Niners vs Packers: 34-16 Packers
Niners Player of the Week: Vernon Davis- 126 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Packers Player of the Week: Greg Jennings- 122 Yards and 2 Touchdowns
The Rodgers to Jennings connection has been on fire the last few weeks, and scorched the Niners

Jaguars vs Titans: 17-6 Jaguars
Jaguars Player of the Week: Maurice Jones Drew- 186 Yards
Titans Player of the Week: Stephen Tulloch- 17 Tackles and 1 Pass Deflection
The Jaguars are making the Colts more nervous with another win Sunday to increase the divisional lead

Broncos vs Chiefs: 10-6 Chiefs
Broncos Player of the Week: Knowshon Moreno- 161 Yards
Chiefs Player of the Week: Jamaal Charles- 116 Yards
The Chiefs win another divisional game to take a demanding lead on the AFC West

Browns vs Dolphins: 13-10 Browns
Browns Player of the Week: Jake Delhomme- 217 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Dolphins Player of the Week: Chad Henne- 174 Yards and 1 Touchdown

Bills vs Vikings: 38-14 Vikings
Bills Player of the Week: Ryan Fitzpaterick- 157 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Vikings Player of the Week: Adrian Peterson- 107 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
The Vikings give Frazier another win and if it weren't for a bad start, they would be competing for a playoff spot; Favre gets injured

Raiders vs Chargers: 28-13 Raiders
Raiders Player of the Week: Darren McFadden- 97 Yards and 1Touchdown
Chargers Player of the Week: Antonio Gates- 73 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Raiders finish off a sweep of the Chargers with a great defensive performance vs the Chargers

Cowboys vs Colts: 38-35 Cowboys (OT)
Cowboys Player of the Week: Tashard Choice- 100 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Colts Player of the Week: Reggie Wayne- 200 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Peyton Manning throws two more touchdowns this week, to the other team! That is his 4th in 2 weeks. Also the Cowboys are now 3-1 with Jason Garrett as Head Coach

Rams vs Cardinals: 19-6 Rams
Rams Player of the Week: Steven Jackson- 102 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Cardinals Player of the Week: Tim Hightower- 81 Yards
The Rams defeat the Cardinals, improve to 6-6 and have a share of the NFC West

Panthers vs Seahawks: 31-14 Seahawks
Panthers Player of the Week: Jonathan Stewart- 92 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Seahawks Player of the Week: Marshawn- Lynch- 83 Yards and 3Touchdowns
The Seahawks beat the worst team in the NFL to take a tie lead in the worst conference in the NFL

Falcons vs Bucs: 28-24 Falcons
Falcons Player of the Week: Michael Turner- 88 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Bucs Player of the Week: LeGarrete Bount- 103 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Falcons beat the Bucs and now have the best record in the NFL with the Patriots at 10-2

Steelers vs Ravens: 13-10 Steelers
Steelers Player of the Week: Ben Roethlisberger- 253 Yards and 1 Touchdown
Ravens Player of the Week: Anquan Bolind- 118 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Steelers beat the Ravens in the final minutes to take control of the division lead

Jets vs Patriots: 45-3
Jets Player of the Week: Rex Ryan- Ate 15 Hotdogs and Drank 5 Beers
Patriots Player of the Week: Tom Brady- 326 Yards and 4 Touchdowns
The only thing in the air that night were Tom Brady's Touchdown Passes as the Patriots keep the Jets grounded and take lead of the AFC East

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