Monday, December 6, 2010

World Cups 2018 and 2022

On Friday Fifa announced in Switzerland that after Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Russia and Qatar will host the next two world Cups.

Russia is already hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics but again are hosting a worldwide sporting event in 2018. The other nations that put in bids to host the World Cups were Portugal/ Spain and Netherlands/ Belgium, both dual hosting a World Cup and finally England.

Qatar will be the first Middle East team to host a World Cup. It was chosen over the United States, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. Although Qatar is a very small country with under 2 million people total in the country.

Qatar brings much controversy to the table when it was elected host. Qatar has only 1 Soccer Stadium right now, though they are planning to build at least 5 more. Also on a average hot day in the summer of Qatar it is over 100 degrees so all stadiums will have air condition. For the new stadiums, many of them have very cool designs and perks to them that make them one of a kind. You can see a video of the stadium designs here:

Also another controversy Qatar has is that it has a feud going on with Israel due to being allys with Palestine. They did say they will allow Israel to compete if they qualify. The last controversy is that Qatar does not allow Alcohol to be purchased and their are only a few spots in the country that allow the purchase. For the world cup they will likely get that fixed because it is the most popular drink at sporting events.

As for Britain and the United States both of these countries were shocked. They both formed an alliance and dropped out of each others bidding years so it would increase the chances of winning. Yet neither of them won and it brought great anger to each country. The US before the announcement said they were very confident and said it was very likely they would host the World Cup.

Either way congratulations to Russia and Qatar and I'm sure both World Cups will be great

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